Brand Your SMS With A Sender ID

Take the next step with a Sender ID

Let me ask you a quick question before you hit the send button on your perfectly crafted SMS campaign: Have you branded your messages so that when recipients receive your SMS, they see your company's name? If your answer is no, do yourself a favour and keep reading.

The feature that enables you to personalise an SMS with your brand or company name is called a Sender ID. When you send a one-way SMS, you either can use a shared number or a custom Sender ID. Shared numbers look like a dedicated long code, but they aren't unique to your business. Whereas a custom Sender ID is just that; customised to your branding and business name. Which SMS would you prefer to receive?

If you're a marketer like me, I would choose a Sender ID, hands down! Even if you're not a marketer, wouldn't you like your recipient to know who you are? It's like receiving a social media request from a friend who doesn't use their real name. It can create unnecessary confusion and disconnect.

Why wouldn't you want your customers to know exactly who they are receiving the SMS from? Make sense, right! Now that you're sold on the idea of branding SMS with a Sender ID, you might be asking yourself, 'but how do I go about using one? What options do I have?' Don't you worry, we've put together a little FAQ below to spell it all out for you.

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Can a Sender ID include both alphabets and numbers?

Yes, a Sender ID can be alphanumeric with a character limit of 11. So you have the freedom of choosing a combination of letters (A-Z) and numbers (0-9). A Sender ID also supports spaces as well as uppercase and lowercase characters.

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Do I need to register my Sender ID?

Some countries require Sender IDs to be registered with the mobile network operator(s) before you start using it in your SMS campaigns, while other countries do not have such restrictions in place. The registration is a relatively simple process, and the best part is we do it for you, so you can sit back and relax. Call us, and we'll let you know if you need to register a Sender ID for your desired country.

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How much does a Sender ID cost?

The cost of a Sender ID depends from country to country. In some countries, you are required to pay a monthly fee or prepay for a year. While in others, the Sender ID is dynamic, which means you can start using it from the get-go. Like I mentioned above, give us a call, and we'll enlighten you.

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Do I need to register a Sender ID for every country I plan to send messages to?

Great question! The answer will most likely be yes. Since mobile network operators in every country have their own rules and regulations, you'll probably be required to register the Sender ID for a respective country.

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Can recipients respond to a Sender ID?

A Sender ID only facilitates one-way communication, so your recipient will not be able to reply to your text message.

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What kinds of businesses use custom word Sender IDs?

Custom word Sender IDs are a popular choice for airlines, insurance agencies, banks, and other financial institutions. Transactional SMS messages are a typical use case for custom word Sender IDs as they don't require a response.

For example, an airline can send a flight booking confirmation to a customer. The customer doesn't need to reply to the message, and they trust the SMS content is legitimate as it has a branded Sender ID, unique to the airline.

So there you have it. I bet you feel like a Sender ID pro already. If you don't, give us a call and we'll get you up and running with a branded Sender ID in no time.

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