The Complete Adobe Campaign SMS Setup Guide

Too many businesses adopt overused communication channels that consistently underperform. Email blasts get lost in crowded inboxes, and social media posts barely get a five-second glance.

On the other hand, SMS marketing is the only genuinely intimate channel that directly reaches and engages customers.

That’s not to say businesses have to drop their existing communication mediums. Instead, a robust strategy includes a variety of touchpoints that cater to a range of audiences. Adobe Campaign provides brands with the flexibility they need to carry out multi-channel strategies with precision.

Adobe Campaign enables companies to deliver highly personalised campaigns across digital channels with dynamic workflow functionality and effortless campaign management. Now, you can extend its capabilities by integrating SMS using SMSGlobal’s reliable SMPP API protocol.

The benefits of Adobe Campaign SMS in your workflows

Connecting directly with leads, customers, and contacts has never been easier with SMSGlobal’s Adobe Campaign SMS integration. Why is text messaging an ideal way to increase engagement? Your customers spend a lot of time looking at their phones (around five to six hours per day in the US). Using SMS ensures you communicate with them in the right place at the right time, every time.

SMS delivers measurable results

Implement dynamic marketing campaigns your customers and contacts actually want to engage with. SMS is the most familiar communication channel available, so you can create tailored digital experiences with ease. While bite-sized, SMS marketing strategies deliver significant results. Compared to email’s 22% open rate, text messages have superior engagement with open rates of 98%.

Follow up on customers’ preferred channels

Many people prefer brands to text them (around 70% of consumers think that SMS is a good way for businesses to capture their attention). Adobe Campaign makes it easy to cater to a variety of customer preferences at scale. With the option to choose from five communication mediums, including SMS, you can reach your contacts on the channel they prefer.

Reach contacts on their preferred communication channel
Source: Adobe

Multi-channel communication strategies win

In an increasingly competitive digital landscape, businesses need to be where their customers are at all times. A survey of 600 marketers revealed those who used four to six channels in their multi-channel campaigns had the best response rates.

Multi-channel strategies are now the norm for any brand that wants to have a competitive edge. Innovative and dynamic communication solutions ensure brands are always one step ahead of the customer. Providing them essential updates and information as they need it.

Add automated SMS to your Adobe Campaign workflows to provide contacts with an additional communication touchpoint.

Integrating Adobe Campaign SMS via SMPP

Seamlessly add SMS functionality to your Adobe Campaign platform with SMSGlobal’s powerful SMPP API. Access carrier-grade messaging with a protocol level-7 TCP/IP that allows fast delivery of text messages (up to 200 messages per second).

Automate an array of manual tasks with SMSGlobal’s Adobe Campaign integration. For example, offer 24/7 customer service even out of office hours by automating SMS replies to specific keywords. Or automatically remove contacts from your SMS marketing database who request to opt-out. Set and forget, and let our SMPP SMS API handle tedious admin for you.

Must-have SMS features in Adobe Campaign Manager:

  • Send from a branded Virtual Number or Custom Word
  • Message contacts one-on-one with two-way SMS
  • Send individual and bulk SMS or set up recurring messages
  • Automate messages in workflows based on behavioural triggers
  • Message contacts that have selected SMS as their preferred channel
  • Craft custom SMS content with dynamic personalisation fields
  • Monitor SMS performance on the delivery dashboard

Conversational text messaging with Adobe Campaign SMS functionality

Using two-way SMS within Adobe Campaign is easy with the option to send from Virtual Dedicated Numbers. The SMPP protocol enables outbound and inbound text messages as well as sending rich media like GIFs. Harness the capabilities of SMPP and set up triggered SMS with rich media to boost engagement.

Unlock the power of two-way SMS to connect personally with contacts:

  • Handle customer support queries
  • Close deals and nurture leads personally
  • Automate keyword responses
  • Confirm appointments and bookings
  • Conduct SMS surveys

How to set up SMS in Adobe Campaign

Adobe Campaign requires users to create an account and integrate with an external SMPP SMS provider—that’s us!

Head to the Adobe Campaign installation page on our Integrations Ecosystem, then click ‘install’. From there, you can follow our thorough documentation to connect with our SMPP API. Or you can get in touch, and our dedicated team of integration experts will help you set it up from end to end.

We work directly with your business to set up SMS in Adobe Campaign Manager, test messages, handle Virtual Number requests, and more.

Free assisted integration set up

Speak to an Adobe Campaign SMS Integration Expert

Let our dedicated team set up Adobe Campaign SMS for you today.

How different businesses use SMS in Adobe Campaign

Not sure if Adobe Campaign SMS is suitable for your business requirements? Flexible to your individual needs, Adobe Campaign SMS can help you reach your business goals—whatever they are.

From increasing conversions and optimising Customer Experience to streamlining operations and supercharging communication processes. SMS for Adobe Campaign can do it all.

How different businesses use SMS in Adobe Campaign
Source: Adobe

Send an endless variety of text messages from Adobe Campaign:

  • SMS competitions
  • Transactional text notifications
  • Marketing campaigns
  • Personalised promotions
  • Text message confirmations
  • Abandoned cart reminders
  • Welcome messages
  • And much more!

Foster long-term business relationships and elevate customer engagement like never before with our SMS integration for Adobe Campaign. Connect, engage, and delight your contacts on their most-used communication channel, right in the palm of their hand.