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Welcome to SMSGlobal WordPress Plugin

SMSGlobal’s new SMS Plugin MKII for WordPress enables the delivery of messages quickly, easily, and reliably. Using powerful and secure enterprise-grade APIs, our SMS plugin ensures the successful delivery of individual and bulk SMS.

The new version of our SMS plugin is fully compatible with WordPress plugins, WooCommerce and Ultimate Member. This feature streamlines communication with automated SMS alerts, sending order status updates directly to designated administrators and customers.

Welcome to SMSGlobal WordPress Plugin

SMS Plugin MKII Features

White Label Platform Send Custom SMS

Successfully send individual or bulk SMS with a custom message. Ensure your customers feel cared for with options to personalise your message and send engaging content.

Simple setup Accessible Configuration

With easy installation and reliable service, SMSGlobal’s SMS Plugin MKII for WordPress allows users to connect with customers directly.

MMS scheduling Automate and Schedule SMS

Keep your customers updated with SMS alerts. By automating SMS order status updates, you ensure that your customers are promptly notified of any changes.

SMS for eCommerce

Manage your customer lifecycle journey from beginning to end with the help of SMS Plugin MKII for WordPress. Ultimately, you can send custom and automated SMS directly to individual contacts or a full contact list.

Our SMS plugin allows you to engage and connect with your customers through a robust communication solution.

Order updates Order Status Updates

From contact verification and order confirmations to shipping and tracking numbers to cancellations and refunds; automated SMS updates are sent to customers and administrators alike, keeping everyone in the loop.

SMS Automation Automated Messaging

Set up an automated trigger that sends a curated SMS template whenever you need to. For example, a friendly welcome message to a new customer, or keyword triggered responses for a highly engaging customer experience.

Custom MXT Personalised Texts

This extension supports merge fields, so personalising your SMS communications is simple and efficient. With optimised contact management, scheduling options, and automated opt-in/opt-out function, your messages will always be sent to the right person at the right time.

SMS reports SMS Reporting

Tracking communication and delivery status is important. So, we’ve integrated an SMS log history where you can view all sent messages with details including date and time, contact name, and message content.


The eCommerce platform, WooCommerce, delivers a customisable, open-source WordPress solution for users to build their own online store.

Set up a new eCommerce site in minutes with features including Product, Cart, and Checkout pages, secure payment options, configurable shipping selections, automated tax calculations, digital marketing applications, central store dashboard with key metrics, and more.

Fully compatible with SMS Plugin MKII for WordPress

Wordpress integration woo commerce2

Access our detailed set up and installation guide

Ultimate Member

Ultimate Member is the one of the best user profile and membership plugins for WordPress. Offering a range of features including aesthetic user profiles, member directories, user registration and login, user role editing, and content limit, this extension makes it easy for users to signup and become members of your site instantly.

It's the perfect way to power your online community and membership sites.

Completely cohesive with SMS Plugin MKII for WordPress

Wordpress integration ultimate member