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It’s important to remember that a conversation – be it personal or professional – is, in fact, a 2-way street. Too often we see first-hand the impact that ineffective communication can have on companies, and the loss of revenue and relationships for businesses who make the simple mistake of not remaining in touch with their customer base.

That’s why we have made 2 Way SMS communication as simple as possible for all business types, no matter the size or scope. Having worked diligently with our customers over the past decade, we have been able to develop and build a web platform that harnesses the power of 2 Way SMS messaging to enable businesses to increase and improve their engagement with customers.


Benefit from 2 Way SMS

We have seen 2 Way SMS benefit a number of organisations, from large-scale multinationals to smaller franchisees and sole traders, all driven by the same goal – engagement.


Directly communicate with your customers, saving time and resources along the way. Automate your inbound campaigns by setting up auto-responses, or using message triggers to send back dynamic replies based on keywords.


Set-up and process inbound messages with pre-defined keywords. Your keywords can be used to set up triggers to file and sort message replies, all dependent on your business needs.

Sales Competitions & Promotions

2 Way SMS allows you to create interactive and engaging marketing campaigns that can be sent, monitored and replied to, all via one platform.

CRM Integration

Running a reminder service or CRM for your business? Use 2 Way SMS to integrate and schedule messaging, set up appointment reminders and automate responses via Email To SMS.

All In One Location

Have all reply messages forwarded directly to your email inbox (SMS to Email) or CRM of choice. Here you will be able to reply to individual messages, burst send to larger groups or follow up with calls if required.

Real Time

No delays or interruptions, have your inbound messages received in real time, allowing you to follow-up and respond instantly.


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Choose Your Platform

Not every business is the same, that’s why we give you the flexibility to choose a sending method that works for you. Use our innovative web-messaging platform MXT, select and use an API, or set up your MXT account for
Email To SMS integration.

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Customise Your Message

SMSGlobal allows its users to customise their web messaging experience. Select from a range of features including keyword triggers, scheduled reminders, staggered campaigns and personalised sender IDs, designed to help improve efficiency for your business.

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Start Sending

Once you’ve selected your preferred sending platform and customised your message, you’re ready to start sending. All incoming SMS messages are free of charge and our Customer Care team is available 24/7 for any further assistance you may require.


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Real World Example

A well known business in the Health and Beauty industry was looking to optimise their client booking system and reduce hours spent chasing lost and missed appointments.

The traditional approach of sending appointment reminders via email was resulting in an extremely poor response rate for our client. Their customers were often too busy to respond during work hours and calling clients individually was proving overly time-intensive for their staff.

They came to SMSGlobal in search of an easy solution that would allow their customers to respond back to them instantly, and reduce staff hours lost due to confirming and chasing appointments.

By utilising our SMS gateway alongside our 2 Way SMS functionality, our client was able to start sending scheduled reminders to customers, assess their availability and receive their approval or cancellation for selected appointments.

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Appointment reminders were sent out using a dedicated number provided by SMSGlobal, straight to the recipient’s handset, allowing for a two-way workflow (reply ‘Yes’ to confirm or ‘No’ to reschedule). This gave customers an easy way to instantly confirm their upcoming appointments.

Responses from customers are filtered by SMSGlobal based on these keywords and pushed out in real-time to a dedicated email inbox set up by our client. Customers can then be followed up with if they require individual attention, or further prospective appointment times to be sent.

The introduction of 2 Way SMS had had a positive impact for this client, improving appointment confirmation rates and dramatically reducing the number of customer no-shows. Our clients are now using SMS in other areas of the business including internal scheduling, promotional offers, sales events and daily discounts. It’s great to see the positive impact SMS can have for organisations of all shapes and sizes.


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