There’s nothing better in the hospitality sector then having a room full of satisfied customers.

Research shows that if a passer-by sees a restaurant full of people they’re more likely to go inside, than they are to go in an establishment that looks half-empty. Managing a successful restaurant or bar involves both promoting your venue to attract customers, but also staggering their arrival times to maximize table turnover and ensure a full house whenever possible. Having a consistent flow of patrons through your venue is key to keeping your staff engaged, but also giving them enough time to ensure each individual customer has a great dining experience.

Connect with your customers

Whether you’re managing a busy bar, restaurant, or nightclub, promoting your venue through mobile messaging allows you to send out special offers to attract patrons during off-peak times. Integrating SMS into your booking and reservation system will also help to decrease customer no-shows and maximize your table turnover.

Reservation Manager

Optimise your booking system and increase table yields by giving customers the ability to make reservations straight from their mobile device. Text table confirmations directly to customers, or send back alternate times if you want to stagger customer arrivals during peak periods.

Decreased Wait Times

If you’re running a busy restaurant, it’s likely customers who walk in during peak periods won’t be able to be seated right away. Take down their mobile number while they get a drink nearby and text them when the next table is available.

CRM Compatible

Streamline your workflow by sending mobile messaging campaigns directly from your point of sale software. SMSGlobal is compatible with most leading hospitality management and bookings software. Contact one of our mobile specialists today to learn more.

Staff Rostering

With a read rate of 98%, sending a text message is the best way to ensure a speedy response. Managing staff rosters via SMS lets casual staff respond quickly to shift availability times, allowing you to plan ahead and ensure you have enough floor staff available to handle peak periods.

Sales & Promotions

Customers can’t take advantage of special offers if they don’t know about them. Send out targeted promotions for lunch or after-work specials to customers prior to a lunch break or before they leave work for the day.

A Real World Example


The owners of a chain of restaurants approached us with a request to streamline their booking and reservation system in order to increase table yields across several outlets. Before approaching SMSGlobal our client was primarily using a pen and paper system to manage reservations, with customer no-shows and poor table turnover beginning to eat into their profit margins.

The Solution?

By purchasing an SMSGlobal dedicated number, our client was able to create a workflow allowing customers to text in and make reservations directly from their mobile device, and send out reservation information to customers who made a phone or in-person booking.

Customers were texted a list of alternate times if they were attempting to reserve tables during peak periods, and people who walked in without a reservation during busy periods were also offered the option of receiving an SMS notification when a table was ready.

By texting reservation confirmations directly to customers our client was able to reduce no-shows by 30% and steadily grow their database of customer mobile numbers – allowing them to send promotional campaigns advertising meal discount offers during off-peak periods.


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