The Healthcare sector is arguably one of the most competitive industries in the market today

Aging populations, lifestyle changes and a greater awareness of health-related issues have all contributed to a significant growth in healthcare. In an attempt to control costs and provide superior service, healthcare providers must effectively manage data and patient communication.

Making a Difference with SMS

In this digital age, a simpler and more efficient approach to communicating with patients is fast becoming a core business requirement for healthcare providers. A key challenge faced is how to ensure strong communication with patients and family members is maintained throughout the clinical process. Many healthcare providers are already harnessing SMS communication to provide value to their patients by allowing for instant communication through click of a button.

How can SMS provide value for an organisation in the healthcare sector? Let’s explore just a few options.

Alerts & Updates

SMS allows for healthcare providers to broadcast alerts and updates to valued patients, reminding them to take their medication on schedule or log their changing health indicators if they are taking part in a clinical trial. Instead of wasting valuable resources on phone calls and emails, organisations can now easily send alerts via SMS.

Reminders and Appointments

Mobile messaging allows healthcare organisations to send appointment reminders or confirmation bookings directly to a patient’s mobile phone. This is proven to reduce missed appointments that waste valuable time and resources.

Out-Patient Follow-Ups

Out-patients require the greatest amount of attention and care. SMS updates can help set the minds of family members at ease while they go about their daily business, and alert them should a patient require additional attention.

Diagnostic Test Results

Sending out lower-level test results via SMS could dramatically increase operational efficiency within your business, and the option to receive test results via text is an attractive option for time-poor patients as well. If privacy is a concern, a message informing patients that results are ready and providing a contact number can be beneficial.

Improve Internal Communication

Important and concise information, such as time tables, shift work changes and important HR information can be passed down to the required staff members through the simple click of a button.

A Real World Example

SMS-Healthcare-NurseA client of ours in the healthcare industry came to us with a request to improve the response rates they were getting for job alerts sent out to a roster of part-time nurses. Sending availability requests via email was only reflecting a 30% response rate; as recipients were often too busy to respond during work hours and calling nurses individually had become a tedious and time-consuming task.

The Solution?

By creating an account on SMSGlobal’s MXT web platform, our client was able to start sending a daily SMS burst to all part-time nurses in their database, assessing their interest and availability for selected short-notice jobs. Daily job notifications are sent out using a shared pool number provided by SMSGlobal, which allows for a two-way workflow, enabling nurses to respond instantly to confirm availability.

Replies sent back by nurses are received by SMSGlobal and pushed out to our customer’s dedicated email inbox in real time. If a nurse is successful in securing a shift, then a confirmation message is sent back to their phone using SMSGlobal’s Email-to-SMS functionality. The introduction of SMS has resulted in an improved response rate, now well above 80%, whilst in the process reducing the cost and resources required to match their nurses with available vacancies.


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