Improving your fitness and building a healthy lifestyle takes time.

Sometimes it takes months before you begin to see the results of hard work. A key challenge faced by many in the fitness and personal care sector is keeping clients motivated and on-track to achieve their goals of looking good and feeling their best.

Connect with your Customers

Mobile messaging offers a direct and personalised way of contacting customers to confirm appointments, broadcast promotional offers, and ensure membership payments are up-to-date. Increase the fitness of your business, by using SMS as a fast and direct method to engage with your clients. The following outlines just some of the benefits that organisations operating in the beauty and fitness industry can expect to receive when integrating SMS messaging into their workflow.

Lifestyle Advice

Motivate your clients to meet their fitness goals by sending workout plans or diet and lifestyle tips directly to their handset. Clients can also signup to receive daily motivational texts, or to receive information about other health products and services you offer.

Promotional Campaigns

Keep your customers informed by letting them know when you launch a new service or sales promotion. Send marketing campaigns to your entire customer base simultaneously with one click using SMSGlobal’s innovative web messaging platform.

Manage Bookings

Whether you specialise in haircare or personal training, ensure your business is running at its full potential by giving customers the ability to confirm appointments via SMS. Reduce missed appointments by reminding customers of upcoming bookings, giving them the ability to alter appointment times with a single text.

Membership Renewals

Ensure customers don’t get caught out by prompting them to renew their gym or spa membership before it expires. Payment options can be provided via text, or customers can message back and arrange a time to make the transaction over the phone.

CRM Integration

Stay engaged with your clients by sending out mobile messages directly from your gym or salon management software. Connecting SMSGlobal directly into your front-desk software ensures your staff have all the customer information they need, and the ability to act on it, in the one place.

A Real World Example


A leading chain of hairdressing salons approached us with a request to automate their customer booking system, ahead of a planned expansion into the US. The company was concerned that staff were spending hours rescheduling missed or forgotten appointments, and were looking for a quick and efficient way of confirming upcoming bookings. Our client had trialed sending out appointment reminders via email before approaching SMSGlobal, and discovered that the customers most likely to miss appointments were also those least likely to check their inbox.

The Solution?

By creating an account on SMSGlobal’s MXT web platform, our client’s staff were able to schedule daily SMS reminders to customers with upcoming appointments. They were encouraged to text back to confirm their attendance, with their replies arriving at a dedicated number set up by SMSGlobal and pushed to the email inbox of each salon.

The dedicated number was also programmed to respond dynamically to keywords contained in customer texts, with clients who requested a new appointment time being sent a list of alternatives, and those confirming an existing booking being sent an automated reply thanking them. Ensuring appointments were not forgotten by offering a reminder via text saw customer no-shows decrease by 20% after the booking system was launched, and our client’s staff vastly preferred the new system which reduced the need to call customers to reschedule missed appointments.


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