MMS Messaging and WAP Push SMS

With over 8.3 trillion messages sent globally each year, SMS has grown to become one of the most reliable and influential communications mediums in the market today.

Thousands of organisations are now using SMS as a tool for customer engagement, and ensuring your mobile campaign stands out as creative, memorable and effective has never been more important.

Over the last decade, SMSGlobal has helped thousands of businesses increase their consumer reach, improve interactions with customers and grow engagement with their brand. One key thing we’ve learned is the importance of using dynamic content, such as MMS messages and rich media content to ensure your mobile campaigns stand out from the competition.


MMS Messaging

MMS Messaging

A Picture is Worth A Thousand Words

MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service) is a standard protocol for sending messages containing multimedia images, videos and audio to your recipients. A single MMS message can deliver a variety of rich media content including up to 40 seconds of video, one image, multiple images via slideshow or audio plus unlimited characters.

MMS messages are an attention-grabbing alternative to sending a standard SMS message, and incorporating MMS into your mobile campaigns can also allow you to be more creative in how you engage with customers. For example, MMS messages can be used in conjunction with a dedicated number (or virtual number), allowing users to text in images to enter a competition.

Send promotional images, video clips, coupons or audio files to thousands of people within seconds via an API Connection, or directly from our Web Messaging Platform. Provided your MMS is under 300kB, you can include up to 15 items of Text, Images (JPEG or GIF) and/or Video (3GPP).


  • Animated business cards.
  • Eye-catching advertising.
  • Engaging coupons & promotions.
  • Instructional videos with audio.
  • Special announcements with audio or video.
  • ‘Teaser’ videos and sound clips.

Disclaimer: The recipients mobile must be MMS enabled in order to receive an MMS. Find out more about sending MMS campaigns by speaking to one of our friendly team members today.

MMS Messages


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WAP Push SMS and Rich Media

WAP Push

Rich Media Content

Sending a WAP (Wireless Access Protocol) link or including a URL inside of an SMS message is one of the most effective ways of driving users to a website or mobile landing page, letting you sign them up as a customer and capture data through web analytics.

By including a URL link in your message, not only do you ensure that the majority of recipients will click through to any web content you provide, but the information you gather from web analytics will make your future mobile campaign far more effective.

Extend the power of SMS beyond 160 characters by sending dynamic content to your customers including app download links, or URL links to audio or video files. Find out the best ways to connect website and mobile data today by speaking to one of our friendly mobile team members.

Send URLs and web links to:

  • Combine SMS with the power of Google Analytics to measure click-through and conversion rates.
  • Send direct links to download mobile apps.
  • Drive customers to mobile optimised web content.
  • Deliver special announcements with audio or video.
  • Send direct links to download mobile apps.
  • Send PDF or voice files.


WAP Push SMS and MMS Messaging

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