Why Retailers Should Use SMS Back-In-Stock Notifications

Keeping popular items in stock is a huge challenge for many online retailers. This has proven especially difficult with recent supply chain issues. Unfortunately, many customers will go to a competitor if the product they are looking for is not in stock. Using SMS notifications is an easy way to let your customers know when their favourite products will be available so they can make a purchase. Here’s how back-in-stock notifications work and why you should use them.

How do SMS notifications work?

SMS notifications are a quick and easy way to let your customers know when the items they want to purchase are available. You can use bulk SMS automation to do this. When a customer is browsing your site, they might click on a product they are interested in, only to find it is out of stock.

You can set up your SMS marketing system to then send a text message to this user when the item is available again. This message will contain a link directly to the website where the user can purchase the item. In order for this to work, the customer will need to have an account on your website and opt-in to text messages. The SMS notification will also give users the option to opt-out of text messages relating to this item.

There are many ways that you can customise your back-in-stock notifications to suit your company’s needs. For example, you can set up your messages so that the customer is notified when an item they’ve expressed interest in is on sale, or when new items are launched. MMS messages can include photos or videos of products, while two-way SMS messaging gives customers a chance to ask questions. Additionally, bulk SMS services can integrate with popular ecommerce tools like Shopify and ShipStation.

Why use back-in-stock SMS notifications?

There are many reasons why back-in-stock SMS notifications are effective. SMS marketing gives your company the tools they need to reach your customers quickly and encourage them to purchase more products. Here’s why this type of SMS notification works so well.

SMS reaches users faster than email or social media notifications.

If your customers have been interested in a specific product and have been unable to purchase it previously, chances are they will want to do so right away as soon as the product is back in stock. Because of this sense of urgency, you will want to use the channels that will reach them the fastest. Most people open their text messages much faster than they open their email or social media notifications, which makes this a great way to reach them. In fact, 97 percent of text messages are opened within 15 minutes of delivery. The total open rate for text messages is around 99 percent, while open rates for emails are around 33 percent.

SMS marketing also has some other very helpful benefits for its users. For example, SMS messaging does not require users to have WiFi access or download any apps. As long as they have cell phone service, you can reach them. On top of that, SMS marketing is easy to set up, and you can adjust your strategy as you go along for the best possible results.

Back-in-stock notifications keep your customers engaged.

Today’s customers are buying their favourite products from online retailers now more than ever. They’re looking for convenience, and they expect their favourite retailers to have products in stock while they’re shopping. In fact, 43 percent of participants in a 2020 study value product availability over other features when shopping online.

Unfortunately, keeping everything in stock all the time isn’t realistic for every business. This is especially true for small businesses with a limited staff that are growing at a fast pace. Supply chain delays or shipping issues can make things even more challenging. Even established businesses often experience stockouts around the holidays or during other peak times throughout the year.

If a customer finds that a specific product is out of stock, it’s easy for them to move on quickly and potentially forget about your brand. Text messages are an effective way to keep them coming back and remind them about your products. Using an SMS message to remind them when an item has come back in stock can help to minimise lost revenue. This can also help prevent your customers from switching to a competitor brand.

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SMS messages send your customer directly to your website.

In order for your SMS notifications to convert to sales, you’ll need to make sure your customers can access your website quickly and easily. SMS messages are very effective because you can easily add links to them. Consumers will know exactly where to go to make a purchase, and they can do so directly from their phones.

SMS notifications make customers feel valued.

In a world that’s so highly saturated with advertisements and digital media, consumers want to feel a personal and authentic connection with the brands they like. It’s important to make your customers feel welcome and valued when they shop online with you, and back-in-stock notifications are a simple way that you can do this. While they require very little work on your part, they go a long way to showing potential customers that you value their business and want to create an easy shopping experience for them.

Implementing SMS Back-In-Stock Notifications

A comprehensive SMS marketing campaign is a must for growing e-commerce businesses. SMSGlobal offers a broad range of SMS services for our customers, including back-in-stock notifications and other automated bulk texting services. Our integration with Shopify makes it easier than ever to send text messages as you adjust your inventory. Contact us today to learn more about how you can use SMS marketing to grow your business.

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