WhatsApp Business API with SMSGlobal

WhatsApp Business API with SMSGlobal

Create unique customer experiences with WhatsApp Business API. SMSGlobal's latest development is focused on providing users with greater capabilities for higher Application-To-Person message volumes.

Reach billions of individual users on WhatsApp with a personal touch using conversational messaging. By adding WhatsApp Business API to your existing communications strategy, you can enhance the customer experience and tailor each conversation to the recipient.

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Features of WhatsApp Business API

Connect directly

Send bulk messages to develop and grow relationships with direct communication and personalized messaging to create a unique and tailored connection with intended recipients.

Customer journey

Build a media-rich, automated customer journey that uses conversation to guide the recipient and assist in fulfilling their needs using text, photos, GIFs, video, hyperlinks, and PDFs.

Delivery receipts

Receive 'Delivered' and 'Read' receipts to assist with campaign analytics. Reporting and documenting overall success is crucial to any campaign.

Sender ID

Ensure recipients know who they are receiving a message from with the Sender ID personalized to have your business name.

API connectivity

Not only is WhatsApp Business API available to use within the original WhatsApp platform, but as an API, it can be integrated into existing systems to scale up productivity and streamline communication.


Businesses do have to pay for verified templates and send bulk campaigns. However, it is cost-effective when it comes to conversational messages. Once a recipient responds, there is a 24 hours window of free conversational messaging, meaning the Business has a 24-hour window to respond and provide personalized content.

Verified brand profile

WhatsApp verifies your business profile and contact number of choice through your Facebook Business Manager account. The number chosen is then registered to the business account and will be authorized to send WhatsApp Business messages.


WhatsApp must preapprove message templates before businesses can bulk send to recipients. Recipients can trust that their information is not shared with companies without consent, and they can opt-out of communications at any time. Also conversational messaging relies on the customer engaging with the Business; the Business can only send a preapproved templated message for the recipient to respond to, once the recipient responds then the 24-hour window for conversational messaging between Business and recipient begins.

How WhatsApp Business API works

The platform combines A2P and P2P messaging to provide customers with a targeted and unique brand experience. A2P or Application-To-Person messaging refers to bulk enterprise messaging, usually containing promotional content. P2P or Person-To-Person refers to one-on-one messaging, such as conversational, two-way messages used for support or feedback.

Business initiated communication

  1. Companies use preapproved templates to send messages to recipients (A2P)
  2. Once they read the message, a 'Read' receipt is sent to the Business
  3. The recipient then has the option to reply
  4. If the recipient replies, it opens the 24-hour window of conversational messaging between the Business and recipient (P2P)

Customer initiated communication

  1. Customers can send messages to a business at any time. If the customer initiates messaging, the 24-hour window of conversational messaging opens between the Business and recipient
  2. The company has 24 hours to respond
  3. If the recipient replies to the business' response, it opens another 24-hour window of conversational messaging between the Business and recipient

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Message templates - before a business can send to recipients, they must have preapproved message templates. WhatsApp Business API only allows message templates to be sent, and only then if the recipient responds to the templated message can the Business interact with the individual. For the message templates to be approved, they must follow WhatsApps' guidelines and use case restrictions.

Time restrictions

Once the customer initiates conversational messaging, the Business has 24 hours to respond for the opportunity to continue the dialogue.


To send WhatsApp messages to someone, the Business must receive opt-in permission in-line and contextually during relevant user flows. Opt-in obtained without context and in any matter unrelated to the messaging template use case does not comply with the Opt-in Policy.


Recipients must be given the option by the Business to opt-out at any time from receiving WhatsApp messages. Through direct chat, web interface or link are examples of offering an opt-out.

WhatsApp message template restrictions
Use cases for message templates

Compare the two

You may have thought to yourself, 'But doesn't WhatsApp already have a business communication option?'

Well, yes and no.

WhatsApp previously released a smartphone application called Whatsapp Business App which aimed to assist businesses to streamline their WhatsApp communications from a separate app. However, this was only sustainable for a small customer base - it accommodated for individual messages restricted to the handset app without the option for automation or bulk messaging.

WhatsApp Business API is a plug-in; therefore, it provides high throughput messaging within the original WhatsApp platform and can be integrated into an existing system. The API also includes options such as automated, bulk messaging, sender ID, brand profile approval, conversational messaging windows, and much more.

WhatsApp Business API

  • Support large volumes for a broader market
  • Run advanced, digital communications strategies
  • Automate messages via API
  • Be approved and verified by WhatsApp
  • Integration functions available to existing CRMs

WhatsApp Business App

  • Standalone smartphone app for small businesses
  • Conversations restricted to just the handset
  • Valid only for a small customer base
  • Individual conversations
  • No automation

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