Understanding the world of bulk SMS

Understanding the world of bulk messaging

Many businesses want a simple yet powerful solution that will connect them to customers instantly. There is a seemingly endless array of communication and marketing tools at your disposal. So, it can be challenging to choose a platform seamlessly tailored to work with your internal business processes.

Utilizing open and approachable communication channels is vital for optimal customer engagement. SMS is the most ubiquitous and user-friendly communication tool available. With 91% of adults keeping their smartphones within arm’s reach, SMS is the most accessible way to convey messages.

SMS has a successful response rate of 45%, while email has a response rate of only 6% in comparison. With bulk text messages, you can rest assured that your critical messages will effectively reach your audience.

A robust SMS gateway can facilitate the customization of messages en masse. The Merge Send feature allows users to personalize each message in bulk text messaging campaigns. Send bespoke SMS messages to tens, hundreds, and even thousands of contacts with reliable delivery and simple automation.

Application-to-Person (A2P) messaging

A2P SMS is used by a wide range of industries to connect with customers. Text messages are sent via an application and delivered directly to a user’s mobile device. SMS API integrations are the most prominent ways businesses use A2P messaging. The innovative technology allows enterprises to automate mass SMS marketing and send timely notifications instantly.

What is a bulk SMS platform?

A bulk SMS platform houses all your business SMS needs in one place. Think of it as your mission control for enterprise messaging—a robust platform that allows users to craft, send, respond, and track campaigns.

Enjoy cutting-edge features, a sophisticated interface, and seamless usability with SMSGlobal’s bulk SMS solutions.

Benefits of Bulk Messaging with SMSGlobal

  • Fundamental MXT web platform
  • Extensive library of off-the-shelf SMS integrations and plugins
  • Bespoke solutions developed for unique business requirements
  • Automated messaging and keyword trigger responses
  • Detailed reporting and campaign tracking
  • High-volume throughput
  • Reliable delivery
  • Scheduling and campaign automation
Business communication solutions

Bulk SMS is a powerful and functional tool for any business. 64% of consumers believe businesses should use text-based engagement more often. Connect with customers through their preferred channel—SMS.

As a primary function, mass texting sends messages to large groups of contacts. In addition, companies can also implement a range of scalable and bespoke messaging solutions to enhance their communication strategy.

Bulk SMS can be tailored to various business models and work with unique requirements. Whether companies want straightforward turnkey solutions or a robust selection of features and customization.

Business SMS software

Many small and medium-sized businesses want powerful yet easily actionable communication tools. Bulk SMS empowers SMB with dynamic and engaging marketing tools to minimize time-consuming work.

Streamlining communication is easy with a range of instant and innovative messaging options. Turnkey SMS integrations are readily available for companies to implement into existing platforms and communication strategies.

Supercharge customer communications with efficient SMS features:

  • Merge Send
  • Segmentation
  • Automated notifications
  • Keyword trigger responses

SMS API solutions for enterprise businesses

Big companies require tailored and robust applications to satisfy a myriad of complex needs. Fortunately, large-scale businesses can amplify legacy systems by integrating an SMS API with bulk SMS capabilities.

APIs and integrations allow businesses to implement SMS functionality into internal systems and existing software. They work with your choice of CRM, CMS, and other administrative software to automate workflows and optimize communication. There are also several business text messaging integrations designed specifically for banking and finance, law firms, and educational institutions.

Facilitate appointment bookings, payment reminders, and security protocols through an SMS API. SMS for business is especially useful for streamlining verification processes such as Two-Factor Authentication. With SMS One-Time Passwords businesses can safeguard customer accounts and data through an automated function.

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Bulk SMS integrations enhance a variety of business software:

eCommerce websites

  • SMS order confirmations
  • Delivery status updates
  • Abandoned cart reminders
  • Cancellations and refund notifications

Customer Relationship Managers (CRM)

  • Appointment reminders
  • Keyword trigger responses
  • Payment reminders
  • Customer surveys, e.g NPS

Content Management Systems (CMS)

  • SMS account verification
  • Custom message templates
  • Mobile marketing campaigns

Setting up an SMS campaign: a step-by-step guide

Configuring bulk SMS campaigns is an efficient and seamless process. With a sophisticated A2P messaging platform, follow these steps to compose a campaign:

  1. Input your contact list
  2. Craft your message (remember to be concise!)
  3. Select the contacts or contact segment to send your campaign to
  4. Schedule your campaign for a specific time and date, or hit ‘Send’
  5. Your text will then move through the SMS gateway’s messaging routes
  6. Recipients receive the message on their mobile device
    1. Track message delivery and campaign open-rates with a reporting dashboard

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Bulk SMS for business continuity

Companies must consistently reassess their business and marketing strategies. With ever-increasing customer expectations, businesses that provide accessible communication options will remain most relevant. Business text messaging and digital platforms are essential and convenient channels expected by customers.

By adopting digital channels such as bulk text messaging, companies ensure their valuable stakeholders, customers, and staff are always up-to-date. Communicating critical updates and operational changes via SMS is essential for prompt action. Equip your business with the power of instant and direct mobile messaging.

Implementing accessible online services and direct communication platforms have also benefited business operations during the COVID-19 pandemic—and will continue to do so. According to McKinsey, the increase in digital services caused by COVID-19 is here to stay.

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Bulk SMS use cases

Enterprises of all sizes can utilize the power of bulk SMS to engage recipients effectively. Businesses can streamline communication processes with bulk messaging functionality. From mobile messaging campaigns to business SMS updates and security alerts, SMS allows you to communicate time-sensitive information directly while providing personalized communication.

Many industries utilize the flexibility of bulk SMS and A2P messaging for diverse communication requirements every day.


  • Security updates
  • Hacking alerts
  • Service outage notifications
  • Two-Step Verification with SMS OTP


  • Changes to business hours
  • Special offer notifications
  • Operations updates
  • Staff rosters


  • School news and updates
  • Exam results
  • Emergency campus notifications
  • Attendance and deadline reminders

Retail & eCommerce

  • Changes to store opening hours
  • Loyalty programs
  • Discounts and promotions
  • Customer surveys
  • Order status and delivery updates


  • Telehealth reminders and updates
  • Doctor absentee notifications
  • Patient surveys

Government Sector

  • Public health alerts
  • Public service updates
  • Government initiative announcements
Bulk SMS amplifies communication strategies


The value of digital coupon redemption will double by 2022 to $91 billion. Facilitate promotions and exclusive deals via SMS to maximize sales and marketing efforts. With scheduling and campaign staggering, your mass SMS promotions are delivered to your customers at the perfect time.

Loyalty programs

Leverage the personal nature of SMS by offering exclusive loyalty programs. Once a customer has signed up, their details are added to a segmented contact group that receives exclusive discounts, offers, and benefits. Utilize Merge Send to better influence purchases with personalization to messages, including a customer’s name or their local store.


70% of respondents to a survey conducted by SAP feel that SMS is a good way for organizations to get their attention. SMS enables organizations to broadcast timely information to their valued contacts directly. Utilize bulk SMS to reliably notify contacts of essential updates such as changes in business hours, restock notifications, and emergency alerts.

Company Updates

Mass messaging capabilities are vital for updating customers, staff, and stakeholders of changes to business operations. Over 90% of people read text messages within three minutes of receiving one—ensuring near-immediate updates to recipients. Streamline business communication processes with automated SMS scheduling. With automated updates, businesses can convey critical information directly while optimizing resources.