Supermoon photo competition

Without a doubt some really awesome things have being occurring in our sky of late, but the internet has also recently been home to some ‘out of this world’ activities.

On Monday the 14th of November, 721 diverse and creative souls grabbed a camera, ventured out into the night air, took a snap of the enlarged Moon and submitted their photo in the hopes of winning a share in $1000USD.

We received countless stunning images taken from every corner of the globe. Submissions from professional photographers graced our gallery, along with photos taken quickly from a smart phone. Jaw dropping scenery, inspiring creativity and even a few sneaky selfies even accompanied the Moon in many of the snaps.

Over the week that the competition was open enthusiasm and passion ran high. Hopefuls shared their snaps with friends and encouraged them to get involved, leading to 196.8K visits to the entry page and gallery over the seven days and a grand total of 39,308 votes.

As the close approached, the heat of the competition rose. ‘Shares’ and pleas for votes on images filled our newsfeeds as the power to decide was thrown into the hands of the public.

Despite countless outstanding and creative entries, we could reward only three participants. It is our pleasure to announce that the winner of SMSGlobal’s SuperMoonSnap competition 2016 is the USA's Ron Harris.

While many entries were taken on professional cameras by professional photographers, our winner defied the odds by capturing the public’s favourite snap on a simple point-and-shoot camera.

Winner, Ron, captured a stunning image of the super Moon behind a silhouette of leaves and branches on a small, basic camera. A true testament to the power of simple technology and creativity, Ron’s entry was selected as the best out of 721 entries, and we congratulate him on his win.

The position of first runner up, also from the USA is awarded to Dalton Hobbs and lastly, second runner up from Dubai, is Lora Brugioli.

SMSGlobal would like to thank everyone that submitted a snap or voted for their favourite image. We admire your creativity and motivation and thank you for your enthusiasm.

In the wake of the outstanding results from this event, SMSGlobal looks forward to hosting more and more competitions just like this one. So be sure to keep an ear out!