Text your tax

Tada improving efficiency with SMS

Tax time is a necessary evil. For regular people who aren’t experienced or literate in the world of finance, it’s a time of the year that’s looked on with dread, one that many wish could be avoided altogether. Not only because the thought of having to participate in an activity like this—that is, the process of actually doing the tax return—sends shivers down the warmest of spines, but also because it requires a huge chunk of time, and also quite often a decent financial cost.

One of the nice little perks of living in the twenty-first technology-saturated century, however, is that doing things like your tax return can actually be made a lot less stressful.

Mobile technology, in particular, is playing a huge role in bridging the chasm that exists between starting your tax return and having it done.

The mobile, with its ability to harness the power of texting, is being used to simplify and unclutter the entire process.

Introducing Tada

Tada is one such business revolutionising the world of Tax.

Tada is a platform that allows users to securely, take pictures of all their tax-related financial documents, and via a text message, send those pictures to Tada’s professional, licensed tax experts.

During the process the tax experts will also ask a series of question, all done via text message, to gather a better understanding of the needs and requirements of the individual.

Ba da bing, ba da boom, $20 or $40 later, your taxes are completed waiting for your approval.

For regular people, or even entrepreneurs and businesspersons, a platform like this means that come tax time, the load of tax stress will be much easier to manage.

It’s also another great example of the clever ways in which mobile is being used to make various aspects of life just that little bit easier and more manageable.

The app is actually so popular and has been so well received that Tada are not currently taking on any new clients, rather servicing those who have already signed up to the business.

As a Millennial, the art of tax is one I have little prepared for, and understood. Apps like Tada are bridging the knowledge gap and bringing the new generations into the working world with greater fluidity. While basic knowledge skills and groundwork are still essential, it brings great relief knowing that the team at Tada know their stuff and can explain the process… and the best thing? They are mobile. Anywhere you are in the world; your taxes can be done on time, every time. Tada!