SMSGlobal's Latest Client SDK Releases

SMSGlobal's Latest Client SDK Releases

Written with assistance from Dilantha Nanayakkara, tech lead at SMSGlobal.

With over a decade in the messaging industry, SMSGlobal is your partner for efficient and reliable business communication. We pride ourselves in delivering innovative and scalable solutions for our customers.

Our developers are committed to providing robust infrastructure, refining the UX/UI of our Web SMS platform, and enhancing the overall customer experience. With over 40 years of combined experience, SMSGlobal's development team aim to facilitate reliable communication and improve internal business processes.

Introducing our new SDKs

SMSGlobal’s SDKs enable you to integrate your software with our industry-leading SMS APIs. Find us on the SMSGlobal Github page to enable SMS within your applications!

SMSGlobal's latest SDKs:

  • smsglobal-dotnet
  • smsglobal-php
  • smsglobal-node

These SDKs provide a comprehensive framework of our industry-leading SMS APIs. We have included coding samples and in-depth documentation to help you quickly configure and integrate your apps with our advanced messaging platform.

We now provide more examples and in-depth documentation to help you integrate directly with our REST APIs. By installing our SDKs, you can equip existing systems with SMS capabilities such as SMS notifications and opt out functionality.

Why should you utilise these SDKs?

  • All authentication and data handling is done for you
  • No need to maintain client code for our APIs
  • Just plug and play our SDKs into your application
  • Our team will transparently handle API updates for you
  • File issues and get features are merged in a completely open-source ecosystem

The low-down on Software Development Kits

Software Development Kits are a set of software development tools such as coding, client libraries, documentation, and processes. SDKs, or devkits, provide a software framework that developers can use to create applications for a specific platform or programming language. SMSGlobal’s collection of SDKs facilitate the use of our REST API for a range of programming languages, including JavaScript, Python, and PHP.

SDKs are installable packages of software containing everything you need to build with a specific system. Primarily associated with native mobile apps, devkits are designed for a particular platform. For instance, a developer would need an iOS SDK to build an iOS app, and an Android SDK to build an Android app. By installing one of SMSGlobal’s SDKs, developers can integrate SMS functionality into existing applications with our REST API.


SMSGlobal’s SDKs provide direct access to our REST API and SMS gateway features. Standing for Representational State Transfer, REST is a style of software architecture that facilitates a higher number of data formats. REST APIs utilise the HTTP protocol to outline the rules and constraints of a specific action via hypertext. The HTTP protocol can then action requests such as GET or POST by following the specified conditions.

What's the difference between APIs and SDKs?

Application Programming Interfaces act as an intermediary interface between two disparate systems or applications. APIs allow the two separate systems to communicate and carry out actions and requests from one to the other.

Think of APIs as the messenger between two systems, and SDKs as the building blocks of each of those systems containing an array of tools that allow them to function. SDKs include a range of components that facilitate their predetermined functions, as well as APIs to enable interactions with other software.

In essence, SDKs usually include APIs, but APIs don’t include SDKs. APIs simply enable actions between applications within the constraints of the SDK.

Say hello to SMSGlobal's newly released SDKs


With seamless installation, this SDK enables SMS and opt out functionality within .NET applications. This library supports .NET applications written in C#, VB.Net, and F# that utilise .NET Standard 2.1. By implementing the C# library, you’ll be able to send SMS programmatically using our REST API.

Check out the SMSGlobal .NET repository for details on supported .NET versions, installing in Visual Studio, and more. It includes all the information and guidance you’ll need to configure this SDK.


Integrate SMS capabilities with SMSGlobal’s easy-to-use PHP client library. You can utilise this library to send and receive SMS via our REST API with any PHP application!

To install the PHP SDK, we recommend using composer—a tool used for installing and managing software packages written in the PHP programming language.


The Node library provides convenient access to SMSGlobal’s powerful REST API from Node applications. This SDK contains all the coding, steps, and documentation required to equip your Node application with SMS functionality.

Take advantage of our thorough Node repository to start integrating text messaging features into your software today!

The ins and outs of integrating with SMSGlobal

Sign up to MXT for free!

To send SMS messages using our SDKs, you must first create a free account with our advanced web SMS platform, MXT. After you’ve signed up, you’ll find 25 free testing credits already added to your account!

  1. Click here to sign up for your free MXT account.
  2. Once you’ve created and verified your account, select your pricing model (subscription, pre-paid, or postpaid).
  3. Ensure that you can successfully send SMS by using our free testing credits and there are sufficient funds available in your account.

Before sending via our REST API, you’ll need to access your API Key and Secret. Generating your unique API Key and Secret is as easy as one, two, three:

  1. Login to your MXT account.
  2. Navigate to API & Integrations on the left-hand side, then select API Keys.
  3. Your unique API Key and Secret will be displayed under REST API Keys.

Unlimited free API testing

Enjoy SMSGlobal’s unlimited sandbox testing to try out your SMS API in full. Our developer sandbox service allows you to test SMS campaigns as they would function in production. Test your integration in a closed-loop to test the coding and end-to-end message delivery; for free, and as much as you’d like!


At SMSGlobal, we pride ourselves on providing scalable and flexible solutions for our customers. Our collection of off-the-shelf and customisable APIs and integrations can be fully tailored to suit your unique business requirements.

SMSGlobal’s developers have designed our library of SDKs and APIs to work seamlessly within any system or legacy software. Optimise your tech stack and start building with SMSGlobal!