Business Optimiser

Partnering with Business Optimiser

SMSGlobal is delighted and excited to be partnering with Business Optimiser for their upcoming event – which is happening later today – How optimising your mind-set really can optimise your business and life.

Business Optimiser is a new company brimming with energy that connects and optimises. Its aim is to ensure local businesses are running as smoothly, efficiently, and effectively as they can be. In short, their role is to lift that cumbersome weight off our shoulders, with the attitude that four heads are better than one. They understand that joining forces with other businesses and people is vital to growth and prosperity.

Annie Pearson, the creative and driving mind behind the business, is looking forward and sideways to partnering with SMSGlobal to get her message out there. To borrow her words: “I’m super excited to bring SMSGlobal on board. We’re all about making life easier. They’re certainly making our lives easier by letting us communicate with our members smoothly and efficiently. Not to mention the brand awareness SMS will deliver as a result.”

And to Annie, we say the feeling is mutual. We as well as anybody know that spreading the good and vibrant word in an effective and efficient manner is difficult. Now more than ever, the platform we choose to reach people is almost as important as what we wish to get across. And today, all things are go.

Our Chief Innovation Officer, Paul McKenna, will even be attending Business Optimiser’s event later today (Thursday 12th of February), to submerge himself directly in all the buzz (and to add a pinch of his sizzling spark to the mix). Because, after all, that’s what it’s about. Getting involved. So to anyone who’s passing by in the area, feel free to swing by and have a sticky nose. There’ll be a bunch of friendly and smiling faces awaiting.