The effectiveness of SMS campaigns

In 2022 we are entering the post-pandemic phase.

Our busy schedules make it more important to receive accurate and relevant information at our fingertips to increase our productivity in everyday life.

Among our day to day mayhem, we are constantly being notified and distracted by many other marketing and communication channels such as print, media, emails and phone calls.

SMS communication is the simplest way to reach your customer with relevant content.

Sending SMS online has become one of the most effective marketing & communications platforms due to open rates of 98%.

With high conversions and the ability to boost other channels, SMS has quickly become a game-changer across many industries, and it's still growing.

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2. Mobiles have become one of the biggest platforms for communication.

Mobile phone users have tripled over the past decade, with over 5 billion people using a mobile phone. SMS communication is on the rise. A British psychologist found that consumers spend twice as much time on their mobiles as they think they are. It is estimated that users touch their phones 2,617 times per day, illustrating why text messaging communication is the most powerful...

More businesses are now turning to SMS as their desired choice of 2-way client engagement.

Coca-Cola spends 70% of its mobile marketing budget on SMS services. A study conducted by OneReach found that 85% of students preferred SMS as a customer service option. SMS marketing's effectiveness will continue to grow. SMSGlobal's Web Platform, SMS API, has never been easier to type and click send.

3. High engagement rates

Business text messages have a 45% response rate (email has just 8%). But more importantly, the interaction with these texts is also significantly higher than other marketing tools.

Once FunMobility transitioned its client engagement to a bulk SMS service to send texts to customers, they recorded a massive click-through rate of 36%, while email click-through rates remain at just 3.4%.

It is essential to measure your marketing campaigns' efficiency to understand where your customers are coming from. You can easily track your SMS marketing campaigns through Google Analytics using our guide to view click-through rates for every SMS message you send.

Debt collection agency Time Warner increased late bill collections by 49% after implementing SMS online software in its business. These results were easily trackable and indicated that business SMS reminders were their most effective communication tool for increasing turnover.

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Boost your other channels

Effective client communication can also increase interaction with other marketing touchpoints such as email, website, and in-store visits. Using a shortened hyperlink is a great way to direct users to your website. A simple SMS reminder saying, "check your email for important updates", can also increase your email open rates.

SMS is an excellent method for distributing coupons to increase in-store visits and purchases. Kiehl's Skin Care had 73% of their opted-in customers purchase an SMS campaign launch.

Powerfully simple mobile marketing is as easy as click send.

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5. A direct customer engagement strategy

Effective communication with clients often depends on how direct and purposeful it can be. Engaging customer is a good indication you're on the right path.

One in five emails

sent from a commercial address end up in the junk folder or are blocked entirely. In contrast, online SMS services can reach almost anyone with a mobile phone and are read on average within 90 seconds of being received.

In 2021 data showed there were 204 billion Apps on the market, with the average person having 40 Apps on their phone.

Out of that 40 Apps, 89% of the time was split between 18 Apps, with 65% of push notifications switched off.

The effectiveness of mobile advertising has also reduced with the rise of ad-blocking technologies. Three hundred eighty million mobile users now use ad-blocking, limiting mobile advertising reach.

Messaging applications such as WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger have grown in popularity; however, these are not available on every device and in some countries.

The Ericsson Mobility Report found that 3.6 billion devices worldwide are non-smartphones. This shows that nearly 50% of mobile devices cannot be reached through mobile advertising or alternative messaging applications. Sending SMS online is a straightforward method; just type, click send.

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6. Final thoughts

SMS broadcast technology, such as an SMS gateway provider or SMS text messaging platform, has been a simple & easy and low-cost business communication tool to build customer loyalty.

In 2022, Mobile use has soared to an all-time high. As a result, SMS software has become a popular choice for businesses worldwide.

Text messaging's direct nature results in high click-through rates, which increases the success and conversions of other business channels.

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