Develop effortless SMS Campaigns with SMSGlobal's Marketo API

Develop effortless SMS Campaigns with SMSGlobal’s Marketo API

Automated communication is vital to creating efficient workflows. There are infinite solutions available. However, many businesses fail to take advantage of their marketing software, missing out on opportunities to foster valuable customer relationships. Fortunately, powerful integrations like APIs and SMS plugins allow companies to scale legacy systems and meet ever-evolving business requirements.

SMSGlobal provides robust communication solutions to reach your audience directly. Our sophisticated integrations, like SMSGlobal’s Marketo API, facilitate personalized messaging for businesses big and small. Seamlessly extend CRM and Marketing Automation software with straightforward and dynamic SMS solutions.

SMS for business is the preferred communication channel for most customers. 70% of consumers believe that SMS is a good way for companies to capture their attention. With the personal nature of SMS and its popularity, enterprises can leverage our user-friendly and robust integrations for mobile messaging. Amplify communication from within your Marketing Automation System with our effective HTTP API solution.

Develop effortless SMS Campaigns with SMSGlobal's Marketo API

Access robust SMS capabilities directly within your Marketo platform with SMSGlobal’s Marketo integration. Empower your business with workflow-based SMS. Send messages that reach your customers directly in their palm—not their inbox.

Integrating SMS into your marketing automation software enhances overall business processes and communication. SMSGlobal’s HTTP API allows users to design bespoke workflows utilizing Marketo Webhooks. By pre-configuring selected criteria and conditions, businesses can set-and-forget SMS marketing communications. Timely messages can be automatically triggered and sent to selected contacts. Talk about a time-saver!

Utilize the power of SMS, the most direct and personalized communication tool available. The flexibility of HTTP APIs provides seamless useability and is fully compatible with Marketo software.

About Marketo Engage

As part of the Adobe Experience Cloud, Marketo manages the customer journey from beginning to end, including lead management, mobile marketing, and sales engagement.

Marketo Engage caters to a range of industries, including healthcare, education, financial services, and technology. The platform was created in 2006 and later acquired by Adobe in 2018.

By combining Adobe’s cloud analytics and content functions with Marketo’s account-based marketing and lead management, Marketo’s platform helps establish and grow business relationships while increasing revenue. The platform’s robust automation allows businesses to focus on strategy and other critical tasks.

Businesses use Marketo Engage for:

  • Lead and Contact management
  • Webhook triggers and Smart Campaigns
  • Marketing analytics
  • Lead-scoring

Why you need SMS in your Marketing Automation Software

SMS is an essential marketing tool that can enhance any system or business process. Marketing Automation Software especially benefits from business text messaging. SMS boasts unbeatable open-rates, with 82% of US smartphone owners opening every text message they receive.

Targeted and relevant marketing communication better influences sales and customer retention. Mobile messaging improves customer engagement due to its concise and direct messaging format. Communicating via SMS is personal by nature, providing real-time interactions between a business and its customers.

SMS APIs enhance the Customer Journey

Alongside marketing automation software like Marketo, SMS supports customer touchpoints at every stage of the customer journey. For optimal results, integrate mobile communication within your marketing platform to engage Leads and Contacts in one streamlined and accessible channel.

Power up automation software with SMS marketing:

  • Welcome messages
  • Personalized offers and coupons
  • SMS surveys
  • Direct links to product landing pages
  • Campaign notifications


HTTP API transfer protocols allow an application to transfer files to a separate application. SMSGlobal’s integration for Marketo utilizes the HTTP protocol to send SMS from the Marketo gateway. When the Marketo platform ‘Calls a Webhook,’ it triggers an action through an HTTP POST request to SMSGlobal with a list of parameters and requirements to send SMS.

Develop effortless SMS Campaigns with SMSGlobal's Marketo API

Webhooks let Marketo communicate with third-party services—in this instance, SMSGlobal.

When utilizing an HTTP API, Webhooks ensure specific actions trigger at the right moment in a sequence. An event occurs on the trigger application, sending data to the third-party system to fulfill the predetermined action.

In Marketo, you can easily design Smart Campaigns to include workflow automation via Webhooks. All you need to do is create a Campaign and craft your Flow. Add Webhooks to trigger actions throughout Flows, such as sending an SMS when a customer completes a specific activity.

Send SMS via Webhooks

Optimize productivity and efficiency by automating business processes within the Marketo platform. Send SMS via Marketo’s Webhooks to seamlessly trigger messages from your workflows. Providing simple yet powerful automation, keep Contacts and Leads informed throughout the customer journey.

The powerful functionality of Webhooks allows you to automate multiple customer touchpoints and trigger SMS messages. Create Webhooks in your Smart Campaign Flows to trigger actions based on your marketing strategy and specific criteria.

SMSGlobal’s integration provides straightforward SMS functionality, sending messages in synch with predetermined triggers based on customer activity. With our reliable HTTP API, text messages are sent directly to the appropriate contacts.

Businesses can set up a Webhook to trigger SMS for:

  • Discounts, offers, and coupons
  • Customer surveys
  • URL links to campaigns landing pages
  • Text notifications
  • Reminders and alerts

Our User Guidelines detail everything you need to know about creating Webhooks and installing SMSGlobal’s integration.

Designing Flows in Smart Campaigns

Creating a Flow informs Marketo what action you want to be triggered, and the Smart List of contacts that will be affected. Ultimately, Flows are instructions that the Smart Campaign will follow. Once a user determines the criteria and conditions, the Smart Campaign will instantly carry out the specified action. By adding SMS to Smart Campaign Flows, text messages will be triggered and sent via our premium SMS gateway.

How To: Craft a Smart Campaign Flow:

  1. Create a Trigger Campaign
  2. Choose Smart List
  3. Configure the campaign Flow to ‘Call Webhook’ (in this case, ‘Trigger an SMS’)

Create an ideal workflow that engages customers and allows your business to focus on day-to-day tasks. Enhance marketing efforts with pre-configured and automated campaign sequences. With Marketo’s Contact tokens and selected conditions, Trigger Campaigns can be highly specific and personalized to individual recipients.

Smart Campaign Flows let users:

  • Define Smart Lists to filter Contacts that qualify for specific actions
  • Define actions and SMS triggers for live events
  • Add additional filters to trigger campaigns for contact segmentation
Develop effortless SMS Campaigns with SMSGlobal's Marketo API

We offer businesses cost-effective and engaging messaging solutions available within established systems. For prompt, secure, and reliable communication, choose SMSGlobal.

Access to MXT

To utilize our integration, users must sign-up for our state-of-the-art SMS gateway with a free MXT account. With unlimited access to our Knowledge Base full of helpful tips and How-Tos, members can also take advantage of round the clock support from our dedicated Customer Success Team.

Robust reporting

SMS reporting is essential to track the success of your Smart Campaigns. MXT’s sophisticated reporting dashboards provide detailed insights into the status of each SMS you send.


SMSGlobal provides dynamic communication solutions at competitive prices. We offer flexible payment options for businesses of all shapes and sizes without lock-in contracts or hidden costs. You only pay for the messages you send!

Getting Set-up

Before integrating SMS into Marketo, there are a few things you need to do first:

  1. Sign-up for an account with MXT
  2. Top-up your account balance to begin sending messages
  3. Fetch your API Authentication Details by:
    1. Logging in to MXT
    2. Click on API & Integrations on the left-hand navigation, and select API Keys
    3. Note down the Username and Password displayed under Master API Key (to set up Webhooks)
    1. You’re ready to start sending via Marketo!

For a detailed guide on sending SMS campaigns from Marketo, download the User Guidelines below.