Smartphone Evolution

Smartphone transformation infographic

Since the initial introduction of what many describe to be the first "traditional" smartphone, The Simon in 1993, smartphones have grown into a formidable beast, tearing through industries, reshaping businesses, pummeling all products and services in their paths... and best of all, changing our day-to-day lives for the better.

If you were to ask a family member, friend or even colleague to give a definition of what they feel to be the fundamental features of a smartphone, how do you think they would respond? Would they know its origin and just how evolved into the innovative master tool it is today? Would they go with the Urban Dictionary approach, defining a smartphone as "A cellular phone that is not only more intelligent and productive than its owner, but would also be rescued from a flood before the owner's mother-in-law". Or would they provide a description along the lines of Oxford Dictionary, who define the smartphone as "A mobile phone that performs many of the functions of a computer, typically having a touchscreen interface, internet access, and an operating system capable of running downloaded apps".

We simply see the smartphone as the tool of the future. The fastest growing tech innovation we have seen to date, a platform for growth that will only continue to evolve in time, reshaping the way we live our lives, forever.

In an attempt to get a better understand for the growth of the smartphone market, we put together a smartphone evolution infographic timeline. This piece focuses on the most influential devices to shape the market, what brands were responsible for the formidable growth, along with a sneak peak into what the future may hold moving forward.

If you're interested in smartphone evolution and looking for a guide to provide insight into smartphone devices then this is for you. Enjoy.

Smartphone Evolution Infographic