Smartphone Holographic

3D tech for your mobile device

The age of holographic smartphone technology is upon us! Well, kinda of. It seems the world is eagerly anticipating the integration of 3D holographic technology into smartphone devices, with smartphone users trembling with excitement at the very prospect of these two terms being used in the same sentence.

The excitement surrounding its adoption is certainly for good reason. Imagine being able to play your favourite smartphone games in 3D, watching movies projected out of your device, reading and engaging with news content, answering emails, interacting with face-time skype or phone calls, 3d projected drawings, futuristic photos - the upside of 3D holographic technology is an exciting one, filled with endless possibilities.

Just how close are we to 3D holographic technology integration in our common smartphone devices? We've touched on it before, and had a look at some of the devices circulating in the market already. We've explored the current landscape and the potential innovations to come, along with some of the hindering factors still holding back the mass adaptation and integration of producing a high quality, 3D holographic smartphone device.

But what about the now? What about for those who just can wait to get their mitts on a self-projecting 3d holographic device? If your curiosity and eagerness simply cannot be sufficed then there is an innovative way to turn your common modern-day smartphone into a cool 3D holographic projector! And all it will take is a few common household items.

Here's how it works...