Delivery updates via SMS

At 50% - 80% off retail price, Adorjo offers the latest in fashion jewellery and accessories.

A recent SMSGlobal client, we spoke to Aure, Adorjo's Web Programmer about all things jewellery online.

"No retail shops necessary", declares Aure. "The way we do it cuts the costs for our customers and that's all part of looking after them".

Adorjo – pronounced Ador-jo, confirms a passion for designs and customers. 'Ador' deriving from the French 'I love' and 'jo', a latino accent in tribute to our melting pot culture.

The business which is only 6 months old, is growing fast – and no wonder. "We only started using SMS last month. Since then, we found Mobile Messaging allows us to advise of shipment and delivery and creates a perfect stage for lighter, more personal conversation with our customers" Aure said. "SMS is perfect for creating positive apprehension about receiving our product and the mystery gifts we include to customers who order $60 of product in any one order, can also be referenced in the message".

Aure proclaims that thanks to SMS, Adorjo can compete against the big boys! "We innovate when it comes to online SMS service and communication. SMS is more personal than emails and fostering relationships is easier and when we communicate through SMS, our approach is more personal."

As if these are not reasons enough to use mobile messaging, Aure reinforces the bottom line in his closing statement: "Saving money for our clients is the catalyst to our success. Our savings with SMS allows us to pass them on to our customers, so everyone wins!".