Expensive Smartphones

The priciest mobiles of 2015

While we have touched on the budget-friendly smartphone markets, and looked at some of the best value smartphones around, we have failed to address one very important demographic. The Mega Rich! Those with a passion for all things diamonds, gold or jewel encrusted, willing to part ways with lumps of cash that can rival most small family cars in price or exceed the average first home deposits, just for the brightest and shiniest items money has to offer.

If you are to remove the 'status' symbol these devices hold, just what is the draw card to a $5,000, $10,000, $50,000 smartphone device? Do they have greater innovative technology? Processing power than can launch a small rocket? Undiscovered and unbridled picture quality? Hyperspeed Internet connection? Special application not yet discovered? Just what is the appeal behind these devices?

We did a bit of research into some of the most expensive smartphones on the market to see how they stacked up against the run of the mill $1,000 or less options, and we were somewhat surprised at the result. If you're looking for a bunch of higher-end smartphones, dipped in gold, encrusted with diamonds and shiny jewels then these are the devices for you.

But don't just take my word for it.

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