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Mobile stats infographic

We've scoured the Internet long and hard looking for some of the best mobile statistics out there. After some long nights, a few coffees and half a dozen beers, we're confident we have put together a pretty comprehensive guide of mobile statistics that will blow your mind.

Yep, that's right...

Message volumes per second, mobile toilet behaviour, total days spent... and that's just a taste.

You can see the full infographic below. We encourage you all to get around and share our guide to the '6.5 Must Know Mobile Statistics That Will Blow your Mind'. If you wish to use the information yourself, you can also find links to the statistics below the infographic at the bottom of the page.


Mobile Statistics Infographic

Mobile Statistics That Will Blow Your Mind. With Links!

- 6 out of the 7 billion individuals around the globe have a mobile device... that's staggering considering only 4.5 billion individuals have a toilet and 4.2 billion have a toothbrush... (click)

- In 2015, roughly 8.3 trillion SMS messages were sent. That's around 691 billion a month, 159 billion a week, 2.2 billion a day, 91 million and hour, 15.1 million a minute and 251,600 per second... (click)

- 75% of American adults who own a smartphone (70% of all Americans,) willingly take and user their devices into the toilet with them... ewww... (click)

- In 2015, smartphone users on average spent a total of 23 days on their smartphone device... that's a lot of texting.

- In 2012, a young girl by the name of Austin Wierschke won the 2012 National Texting Championship. (click)

- The average age of smartphone users around the world is 11. CNN have even reported that number amongst children alone to be as low as 5... (click)

- Finally (not so much a stat as a mind-boggling fact) Swiss dairy farmers are now implanting sensors into their cows to detect when the animal is in heat. A second sensor with a SIM card in the cow's neck communicates to a server via API which then triggers a SMS message to the farmer, who can them arrange to have the cow inseminated... yep... (click)