Mobile security

Mobile Security

In an era of DDOS attacks and WannaCry worms, data security is on the forefront of everyone’s mind. While majority of the population have some form of a computer security software or the free version of AVG, the mobile phone is a data vault with no lock. Think about it, how many apps do you have on your phone containing sensitive information? Banking apps, Facebook, Instagram, Tap and Pay apps, password keepers? The list goes on and on.

Even with the mobile being the center of all this personal information, it seems to be the last place that users think their data will be stolen. Proof of this is that 43% of mobile users still don’t use a passcode, pin or pattern lock on their device! If you have a security system on your home computer, why don’t you have one on your phone?

It’s a common myth that mobile phone OS are impenetrable, but unfortunately, they definitely are. In 2016, OS X malware attacks went up by 744%. Over the next few years, mobile phone hackings will continue to rise as hackers find new flaws in operating systems and break into apps that hold some of your most valuable data.

There are many different ways your personal data can be used. Some hackers might sell your passwords to the highest bidder, some might extort you for money by pitting you against your personal information. No matter how your data is used, we can guarantee you don’t want it falling into the wrong hands.

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So, to help educate and inform you on the security vulnerabilities of your ‘pocket computer’, we’ve put together an infographic on the importance of mobile security in twenty seventeen. Towards the bottom you will find some vital information about how you to best secure your mobile phones in this digital game of grand theft auto.

Mobile Security Infographic