What is Multimedia Messaging Service or MMS?

In today’s digital landscape, creative and content-rich media has become the norm for businesses marketing their products and services. Traditional marketing is no longer enough in this fast-moving environment so finding a way to directly connect with consumers is a huge asset. This is where online bulk messaging sits a cut above the rest. Being able to send a direct text message to contacts via an online SMS gateway allows businesses to engage with their employees and customers effectively. With the option of sending bulk MMS, businesses can send original and interactive content to consumers in the form of images, video and audio. It is ideal for marketing products and services straight to the intended audience.

What is MMS

Short for Multimedia Messaging Service, MMS is the standard protocol for sending messages containing image, audio or video files.

SMS has 160 characters, MMS gives you more to work with on your mobile device by providing your audience with a dynamic and content-rich experience to engage with. When using a bulk SMS platform that has an MMS feature, you gain the ability to send hundreds, thousands or millions of multimedia messages within seconds.

An MMS is directly sent via a combination of WAP (Wireless Access Protocol) and SMS technologies. The handset receiving the MMS actually receives an MMS notification over SMS with a WAP Push or link to fetch the multimedia content. The recipient then retrieves the content by clicking the link.


The threshold for MMS messages can range between kilobytes to megabytes. Currently, there isn’t a maximum size for MMS, however, 300kB is the current recommended size across networks.

With that in mind, 300kB is enough to compile a message including one or more multimedia files, including the following:

  • Short video/audio files
  • Images or gif animations
  • Over 5000 characters worth of text
  • A combination of text and other compatible files

Types of files

Examples of accepted file types compatible with MMS messages include:

Images - .jpg, .png, .bmp and .gif

Audio - .aac, .amr, .mp4, .mpeg and .wma

Video - .avi, .mp4, .mov, .mpeg, .mp4 and .qt

Text - .txt and .pdf

It should be noted that files might be restricted depending on two factors:

  • The service provider’s sending limitations
  • Specific handset MMS capability (sending and/or receiving MMS)

Bulk MMS

Sending MMS peer-to-peer can be almost identical to sending SMS. Harnessing the capability to send multimedia messages can be a little more time consuming without a bulk messaging gateway.

SMSGlobal provides multiple features to enhance bulk SMS marketing campaigns including the MXT platform and plugins, SMS to Email and MMS.

By having all your contacts, text message templates, and campaign reports in one place, sending bulk MMS can be as easy as 1-2-3:

  1. Tailor your message content
  2. Select your intended recipients
  3. Click Send

MMS as a Marketing Tool

Sending bulk MMS is at your fingertips, and reaching your audience with multimedia content has never been easier. Confidently using a variety of rich and dynamic media in a direct message can create a doorway to closely connect with stakeholders.

As an extension of SMS and WAP technologies, MMS leverages our natural inclination towards images. As per Dr John Medina, studies show that the retention of text and oral presentations is 55% less efficient than the retention of images, 72 hours after experiencing the content.

An image is worth a thousand words, and apparently far more memorable.

Like bulk SMS, through an API you can send bulk MMS to intended contacts, track how efficient the campaign is, and encourage higher engagement and response from recipients directly.

How to Use MMS

How to Uses MMS

Diversified communication - processes that can be communicated simply by an image, video or voice recording is concise and easy to understand. For example — sending recorded evidence after an accident for a car insurance claim.

Animated cards - sending business cards, contact information and greeting cards can be an engaging and personal way to connect with stakeholders. For example — sending a “Happy Mother’s Day” card.

Advertising - digital posters and marketing creative for upcoming sales, events or promotions.

Coupons and offers - a great way to entice customers to use your products and services by offering coupons and promotional codes for discounts or even a free gift with purchase.

Instructional videos - combining moving images, text and audio is more powerful when communicating step-by-step instructions rather than only sending text instructions.

Announcements - when your business needs to notify its intended recipients of a time sensitive announcement, MMS is a concise and appealing alert. For example — a flash sale that is only available for the next 24 hours online or in-store.

Product information - sharing images of new products combined with a text description is an attractive way to capture interest.

VIP and loyalty programs - notifying loyalty and VIP customer of exclusive launches, events and sales with video advertisements.

Branding - by keeping your media-rich content simple, it portrays a succinct and on-brand message for intended recipients.

MMS marketing campaigns allow you to share content with your branding and message tailored to your audience. Regular and transparent communication is an important tool for building and growing customer relationships.

There is also the opportunity to utilise Two Way SMS, where businesses can utilise a platform to engage with their audience. This also extends to a variety of rich and dynamic media content by enabling responses to MMS sent from a Dedicated Number.

Create a bulk MMS campaign

Step-by-step instructions for creating and sending bulk MMS to your audience:

  1. Sign up to a bulk messaging gateway
  2. Purchase credits to use to send messages
  3. Upload contact details of intended recipients — ensure the numbers are formatted correctly
  4. Upload media files and curate MMS message
  5. Select contacts to send to — select from individual contacts or a specific contact list
  6. Click Send

Get in touch with SMSGlobal's specialists and integration team to get set up and start sending right away on 1300 883 400 or email info@smsglobal.com.