Email to SMS integration

Did you know your SMSGlobal account can easily be integrated with Microsoft Outlook 2007 / 2010?

No software installation required and configuration can be done in minutes.
Integration with Outlook enables you to streamline your business communication by centralising multiple communication mediums in a single platform. Outlook integration offers a variety of other features such as:
• Sending SMS to Outlook contacts
• Managing SMS messages just like emails - save your Drafts, Sent items, Print
• Full 2-way SMS functionality - receive SMS replies back to your Mobile Phone or Outlook inbox
• Push calendar reminders via SMS
• Forwarding reminders via SMS
• The use of Outlook speller and proofing tools
• Cut and Paste text from other applications
• Full support for groups and distribution lists
• Scheduling messages for later delivery (2007 edition only)
• Auto redirecting your important messages, reminders and next day Calendar
For more information, and to find out how to set this up see: Outlook integration