iPhone 6s

The latest Apple iPhone

All you Apple geeks get ready, a rumoured launch date has finally been set for the iPhone 6s... no wait 7, or is it 6c? Let's just call it the newest iPhone to hit the market for now. September 9th is the date many are suggesting will be the day the device is shown to the world, with the actual device expected to go on sale two weeks later (the standard approach from Apple).

Speculation surrounding the name is still prominent. You may be thinking 'I really don't care what they call it, just tell me about the features,' but the name is actually a great insight into the devices expectation. A '7' would suggest a totally new shape, but according to many of the iPhone specialists out there, no significant alterations have been made to the structural shape of the iPhone's design. That leaves the door open to two options. An 's' update which is typically about small improvements to structural flaws, accompanied by one large innovative technology addition... or the 'c' which is basically a useless / 'cheaper alternative' with a strange colourful band wrapped around the device.

So off the back of that, let's call it an 's' update for the moment.

Known Apple expert John Gruber has said that the iPhone 6s will have “the biggest camera jump ever,” bringing it to DSLR quality. There is also speculation around the battery quality, with some suggestion an improvement is on the cards (yeah sure).

Here are a list of some of the proposed changes:

  • A9 processor
  • 2GB RAM
  • Improved 12-megapixel camera
  • 12MP rear cameras and support 4K video recording
  • Force Touch
  • Improved Touch ID
  • Gold, Rose Gold, Silver, and Space Gray colours
  • Sapphire glass screen (Finally!) to protected the screen from scratches and shattering when dropped

Force Touch

The force touch is rumoured to be biggest innovation to the iPhone 6s, if it does end up making it in. Apple has been in favour of this new type of technology, finding its way into the design of the Apple Watch and new MacBook.

The force touch basically works by detecting different pressures used on the screen or surface when touched, and responds to them accordingly. Even though it hasn’t been announced yet, developers are extremely excited about the potential this technology possesses, claiming it could be as innovative to the smartphone device, as the right mouse click was for computers.

Force touch could change the way we interact with our mobile devices, with suggestions already being made as to the beneficial application this feature could provide for a number of industries.

Design Industry

Many believe those in the design and art industry may see the impact very shortly, with the possibility of a number of visual based design and manipulation apps expected to dramatically improve functionality for users.

In an interview done on Business Insider, Matt Ronge, the creator of Astropad (an app that lets artists and photographers use their iPad to markup projects on their Mac) focuses on how Force Touch could benefit art and design related app's like his one. “We really want to take advantage of the variations in pressure,” he said. “Let’s say you’re doing some masking or you need to work on a background. Just using your finger you can get some pressure sensitivity.”

Gaming Industry

The other industry excited by the prospect of force touch technology are those in the gaming and technologies market. Paul Murphy, the CEO of Playdots, has said that additions like force touch provide inspiration for new gameplay mechanics in gaming apps. “When we add a new game mechanic, it might just look like another 50 levels, but it’s like a completely new game,” he said. “The effort in creating the mechanic is like creating a new game.”

Keep Waiting

There are a number of innovations still on the cards for Apple but unfortunately for the moment, there are no signs of adoption in the new iPhone 6s. Holographic technology or 3d screens have been gaining momentum in the smartphone space but unfortunately the iPhone 6s will not have any of these capabilities. What about wireless charging like the Samsung Galaxy? Not on the cards... yet. Improved battery life? They say that alterations are being made, but I'm still sceptical, I think this is still a while away. Self-healing capabilities like the LG G Flex? Hahahahaha... no, I'll be very happy if they introduce the sapphire glass screen though.

I think most of us will be happy with a subtle price change but to be honest, I don't think that will be on the cards anytime soon either.