iOS 9 Update

Apple iOS 9 update

There’s a new iOS update on the cards and it has got many iPhone users excited at the prospect of a series of innovative changes, with the biggest and most exciting one the potential of improved battery life.

Apple will begin rolling out the free update mid to late September, depending on your global location. All you will need to do for the update is to download the 1.3GB file and have your phone connected to a decent Wifi. Many within the industry are predicting that the update will be rather successful amongst Apple users, with it expected that within four days of launch, the iOS 9 will have as many downloads as the Android Lollipop did in 11 months.

Here’s a brief list of what to expect from the new iOS 9 update.

• Split Screen Apps integration
• Improved Battery Life
• Siri Upgrade
• Revamp & Improvement of Apple Notes
• Additional Setting Features
• Text and Interface Upgrades

Show Me The Battery!

For many Apple users, the most exciting change to come from the new iOS 9 update is the promise of a notable battery upgrade.

How? Apple have made a number of small software tweaks, in an attempt to improve total battery running time. It has resulted in an increase of up to 3.5 hours in some cases depending on how stringent you are.

Tests on the iPhone 6, conducted by the team at The Wall Street Journal, involved looping through websites in an attempt to drain battery life. The results were an extra 40 minutes of battery life. Nothing too astonishing, but certainly a start.

To go with this, the introduction of a Low Power Mode is also showing promising results. By enabling the Low Power Mode, a new feature to be introduced in the iOS 9 update, users are expected to gain an extra 40 minutes of battery life, by dropping the screen brightness and disabling other background tasks. If you were to turn the Lower Power Mode on the entire time when in use, coupled with the other changes conducted by the Apple team, it's expected that users could receive up to 3.5 hours of extra battery use, bumping the current iPhone 6 iOS 8 running time from 8 hours to 11.5.

For a comprehensive guide to the iOS 9 update, you can check out Joanna Stern at The Wall Street Journal, or view the Apple iOS 9 infomation page for more.