How to Improve the Recruitment Process with SMS

Trying to recruit new employees is a difficult task, and it always seems like you can’t find the top talent for the job. Of course, you could spend hours sending out emails or advertisements in hopes that people get back to you, but what if there was a better way?

SMS can be used as an effective recruitment tool because of its ability to be more personal and provide quicker response rates. In this blog post, we will discuss how SMS can improve your recruitment process with some simple tips on using it effectively!

SMS for Recruitment

Employers often struggle with the recruitment process. Finding qualified candidates, scheduling interviews, and following up with applicants can be a time-consuming and complicated task.

SMS is an effective way to communicate important information about your company's employment opportunities to potential employees in real-time—from interview reminders to updates throughout. Ensure you snap up top talent in no time with instant communication via SMS.

SMS recruitment: reduce no shows

How many times have you forgotten to show up for an appointment or failed to follow up a phone call? If you are like most people, this has happened more than once.

SMS messaging keeps everyone involved in the loop with a 98% open rate on all texts sent across any mobile device. Send interview reminder text messages, so candidates don't miss any appointments or lose job opportunities. Send follow-ups to candidates who have expressed interest in applying for a job with your company.

Texting is the best way to communicate with potential job applicants because it is fast and can be sent at any time. Plus, SMS reminders will ensure that no interviews or meetings are missed!


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How does text messaging make the recruitment process more efficient?

Text messages make the recruitment process more efficient. Using a robust SMS platform like MXT improves productivity, saves time, and saves money with text messages automated and scheduled ahead of time for appointments, reminders, follow-ups, and more!

Text messaging helps you to:

  • Avoid no shows
  • Reach candidates instantly
  • Automate texts during business hours
  • Save time in the recruiting process
  • Get a competitive edge for your hiring strategy
  • Send hiring updates via a quick text

SMS recruitment integrations for HR teams

Integrate SMS into the hiring process with SMSGlobal integrations for premium recruitment and HR platforms: Zoho Recruit, BambooHR, and Breezy.

Zoho Recruit SMS integration

Zoho Recruit is a powerful recruiting software that helps recruiters and HR professionals manage their entire hiring process.

With SMSGlobal’s recruitment integration, Zoho users can send appointment reminders, schedule interviews, and confirm candidate attendance at an interview or event in real-time via SMS.

BambooHR SMS integration

BambooHR is an easy to use, flexible HR platform. For example, SMSGlobal’s text recruiting integration for BambooHR lets you schedule interviews and send appointment reminders right from the dashboard with one click of a button.

Breezy SMS integration

With the Breezy HR platform, employers can create customised hiring workflows that include text messaging. Breezy HR users can send SMS appointment reminders, organise interviews and confirm their attendance at an interview or event via SMSGlobal’s recruitment integration.

SMS messages to send to job seekers

Texting candidates may seem unfamiliar at first. However, text recruiting is only as complicated as you make it.

Send these messages in your text recruiting process:

  • Candidate experience surveys
  • Garner interest from potential hires
  • Shortlist job candidates
  • Announce job openings
  • Send a job interview invite
  • Request more information
  • Text recruiting updates
  • Job offer announcements

SMS templates for HR and text recruiting

Many recruiters know how long the interview process can be. Reduce roadblocks and increase efficiency in the interview process with the powerful simplicity of text messages. Put your right foot forward and use these custom SMS messaging templates for recruiters.

Interview reminders for candidates

"Hi {candidate name}, it's {name} from {company}. Just a quick reminder about our interview at 11 am tomorrow if you're still interested. Let me know if you'd like to reschedule - {name}."

New opportunities text messages

"Hi {candidate name}, I hope you're well. I'm {name} from {company}. We kept your contact number on file from your old application. We have a new role and are looking for more candidates. Feel free to call me if you're looking for a career change."

Request for further information

"Hey {candidate name}, great chatting with you. I just had a couple more questions about your previous experience. Are you free for a quick call next week? Best, {Name} from {company}."

Moving candidates forward example

"Dear {candidate name}, {name} from {company name} here. The team loved meeting you and wanted to move you to the next stage. Please call me on my phone number to organise the next chat - {Name} from {company}."