Restaurant SMS

SMS solutions for hospitality

If you can’t take the heat, don’t get out of the kitchen. Instead, do something about the temperature!

The hospitality industry is the hottest and most contested it has ever been. New cafes, restaurants and bars are popping up everywhere, and in a variety of different forms. From food trucks to crepe wagons, bookstore bars to warehouse converts—all sorts of differently themed food and beverages are being served up in the obscurest of places, and in the obscurest of ways. So trying to find a niche (and not just stand out from the crowd but also actually manage and run all the core elements necessary for a successful business) becomes a daunting task for some. If you’ve worked in the battlefield of this industry before, you would know that communication is essential.

Alas, many of the communications mediums used by businesses in the hospitality industry are time-consuming, clumsy, and not cost effective. When a business in the hospitality industry is trying to juggle the phone calls being made to its physical establishment, its social media accounts, its emails—and any other avenues through which internal and external stakeholders are demanding the business’s attention—things can get messy. It’s for this reason that hospitality businesses must find a way to navigate their communications through all the white noise, find a way that gets the right message to the right people at the right time.

This is where SMS steps in and reaches out a helping hand. It’s time to turn down the heat.

The main reason that SMS is so effective in the hospitality industry boils down to this: it’s a trusted medium that gets results. Boasting an open rate of 97%, a large portion of that read within minutes of receipt, SMS proves time and time again that your message won’t disappear into obscurity. It’s mobile, meaning it will reach people wherever they are - and it is timely - meaning you can choose when to send out your message and know that it will usually be received when you want it to be.

With that said then, let’s take a look at how you can grow your restaurant or cafe with SMS.

SMS Reservations

Reservation Manager

When reservations are pouring in online, over the phone, and in person, managing them can be a nightmare. But imagine if there was a way to send out a little message to the phones of those who’ve made a reservation, reminding them of their reservation? Well, there is. SMS can integrate with your reservation managers so that customers are sent reminder notifications, reducing cancellation rates and tardiness.

Sales and Promotions

There’s no point in having happy hours if there’s no one around to make those hours happy. Similarly, if you’ve got an incredible new special you’re keen to get some feedback on, well you need those people to provide the feedback. SMS is a great way to nudge people and let them know you’ve got some great happy hour or promo going on.

Manage Wait Times

Being booked out is a great problem to have. Nevertheless, it can make the vibe inside tense and anxious, especially when you’ve got a line of waiting people flowing out the door. One way to handle this good problem is by taking people’s numbers down, and shooting them a text when a table is ready. It’s easy, simple to implement, and works like a charm.

Reward/Loyalty Programs

Not everyone loves using loyalty programs. For one thing, they usually require some sort of card—and wallet space is scarce. If you think your business is one that could benefit from a loyalty program, but don’t know how to start putting it into place—consider SMS. After capturing your customers’ number at the point of sale, you can send them discount coupons directly, or lead them to a page on your website that encourages them to subscribe online for further deals or to join your rewards program.

The best part about using SMS in these ways is that it can easily integrate with your current CRM system (if you’re using one) and spread its wings into whichever facet of your business that might need a little help. Meaning you can streamline your workflow by sending mobile messaging campaigns directly from your point of sale software. Our own systems are compatible with most leading hospitality management and booking systems. To learn more, give us a buzz. We’re more than happy to help.