Good Friday Appeal

SMSGlobal raising awareness for Good Friday Appeal

The expedition team at SMSGlobal returned from their trek to Everest Base Camp, raising funds and awareness of the 2011 Royal Children's Hospital Good Friday Appeal. The team saw this journey as a direct parallel to that of its business ethos and embraced the challenge with the same enthusiasm as they would a new project or business opportunity.

Online journal entries were made by Carl Krumins, SMSGlobal CEO, enabling eager followers to track the team's journey day by day. A solar mat, satellite phone and notebook accompanied Carl on the journey and upon reaching the rocky terrain of the Himalayan ranges, the team quickly began to appreciate new global perspectives on communication.

The trek, aptly named “Trek4kids” commenced on Saturday 19 March, raised awareness and funding by way of sponsorship and donation and concluded on Friday 1 April. The journey has strengthened Carl’s focus on providing enterprise grade mobile messaging solutions globally.

Upon Carl’s return, he was invited to present as part of the Good Friday Appeal drive and was interviewed because he represented the first business to have trekked to Base Camp for the Royal Children’s Hospital Good Friday Appeal.