SMSGlobal at Gitex

GITEX 2017

After 5 action-packed days, GITEX 2017 – where tomorrow’s technology is unveiled today- has come to a close. The tech exhibition is considered the most advanced and sophisticated of its kind did not disappoint, with exhibitors from all sectors showcasing the very latest game-changing technology from around the world.

The week-long extravaganza featured an abundance of game-changing technology from robotics, futuristic cars, AR and VR, and automation to simply mind-blowing gadgets.

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Our SMS experts were thrilled to be on the ground, once again exhibiting the most sophisticated and innovative mobile messaging technology alongside other tech pioneers, business leaders and IT professionals. The event attracted over 4000 international and local exhibitors from all technological sectors and was attended by hundreds of thousands of visitors making it one of the most successful events since its inception.

We witnessed first-hand technology that is set to inspire generations and smart innovations that will no doubt change the world.

Here is a quick snapshot of some of the highlights we saw:

Dubai Police - Flying Bike And Robo Bike

A flying bike for the police! Dubai is truly on its way to becoming one of the world’s top start-up hubs. At GITEX 2017, Dubai police introduced a hoverbike that can fly at a height of five meters and reach speeds of up to 70 kilometres per hour. Named the Hoversurf Scorpion, the bike was co-developed with a Russian drone manufacturer and will be used by the department’s emergency response teams.

The rob bike will carry police officers over congested traffic in emergency situations shortening the response time. Already home to a real-life Robocop, this latest police technology advances Dubai’s reputation as the City of the Future and one of the most technologically advanced cities in the world.


DIDRIVERS is a leading advanced robotics and automation company based in London, UK. They aim to deliver autonomous vehicles and advanced robotics to accelerate the world’s transition to autonomous vehicles and robotics.

At the 2017 GITEX, DIDRIVERS presented WIGO, a 3D-Printed autonomous vehicle assembled by DigiRobotics in Dubai, UAE. The car is fitted with advanced sensors for robust mapping, collusions avoidance and natural navigating. WIGO is equipped with an advanced autonomous driving system capable of intelligent decision making. The system is developed by DIDRIVERS using state of the art sensor technology for 360 environmental awareness and navigation.

The car communicates with its users via a mobile app and natural language for an immersive experience. Quite impressive, right?

Etisalat - The Future of Retail

At the 2017 GITEX exhibition, Etisalat offered a fascinating insight into the future of retail. With the introduction of ‘smart mirrors’ customers of the future will no longer need a shop assistant to help them out when trying on clothes. The smart mirror recognises the item you are trying on and displays information about the different sizes and colour option.

The smart mirror’s touchscreen capability then enables customers to select their desired choice and an assistant on the shop floor will then be notified and bring the alternative straight to you. If you are stuck and have no idea what to pair you selected item with, another press on the mirror will offer recommendations on complementary products.

In addition to the smart mirror, at the Etisalat stand, we were offered a glimpse of how intelligent display will revolutionise the shopping experience. Positioned behind the shelves, the displays are equipped with eye-recognition technology enabling them to track your eye movements. They are then able to identify which item you are looking at and then display information about that specific item.

We were also introduced to robotic shopping carts, able to facially recognise customers and follow them around the store without crashing into objects. The cart is fitted with some pretty exciting features such as a scanner, which automatically calculates your total, and option to link to your credit card so you don't need to check out.

The future holds some other pretty exciting and convenient check-in check-out options as well... If you’re a smart-watch wearer, you’ll be able to download an app, which enables stores to recognise you, access your shopping history and make suggestions on new and complimentary items. All you'll need to do to is add the items to your list and and the amount will be automatically deducted from account. No waiting, no queues. Sounds pretty good, right?


HTC is no stranger to smart and innovative technologies. At the company’s stand, we got first-hand experience of their HTC Vive, which was developed in collaboration with Valve. The VR technology enables individuals and business interact with a virtual world in a way that changes the way they explore their natural world.

The company introduced their VR solutions highlighting how virtual reality can be used in different sectors including healthcare, real estate, education and travel. HTC’s Vive Business Edition has already been successfully utilized to provide companies with innovative solutions for their business needs including employee training, customer services, marketing, finance, HR and production saving businesses both time and money.

Greentest ECO

Everyone appreciates safe and quality food. The problem? Knowing whether or not your fruit, vegetable or meat is safe. That’s where Greentest Eco comes in.

The portable food and environmental testing device protects you and your family from harmful nitrates in fruit, vegetables and meat as well as radiation from your phone, computer and your surroundings.

Even when present in small amounts, both nitrates and radiation can over time wear out your body leaving you vulnerable to diseases.

At the Greentest stand, we were given a glimpse of how the device works and were extremely impressed by how easily the device indicates when the level of additives in the product are within the norm and vice versa.


Dubbed the world’s first manned aerial taxi, the two-seater Volocopter was on public display for the first time at 2017 GITEX exhibition. The VTOL is designed with the aim of helping modern cities resolve their increasing mobility issues and can fly for 30 minutes at a time achieving a top speed of 100 km/h (62 mph).

The multicopter boasts a variety of unique features that include top security and safety standards and multiple redundancies in all critical components such as flight controls, propellers and power source. It’s also 100% electric which means there is no need for direct emissions, making it environmentally friendly.

Digital Wanderer

Digital Wanderer is a Polish company that specialises in VR solutions for businesses. At GTEX, they presented their virtual reality business presentations which make it possible for real estate investors to view and even walk around the estate before they even start building.

Also on display, was a VR game that showcased the idea of advertainment – the fusion of entertainment with advertising and the perfect way to engage the iGeneration. Companies can hire a branded game out for different events for people to play and have all the banners and posters in the game world displaying the client's brand.

Sanbot - Robotics as-a-service

Among the robots on display at GTEX, Qihan’s Sanbot stood out. The robot humanoid was one of coolest things we saw. It can learn to do anything from being your housekeeper or secretary to even your bodyguard. And thanks to its Amazon Alexa integration, you can also use it to order food, shopping, and play music.

At the stand, we were showed how the robot can be used in retail, schools, hotels and many other customer-oriented industries to deliver smarter and more personalized services. We couldn't help but be wowed by how easily the robot could read human gestures.

The robot has a touchscreen tablet on its chest from which it can be controlled. Alternatively, it can simply take its AI marching orders from the cloud, via the tablet, Android or iOS app.

Sanbot is already being utilised in various places in China from hotels to airports.

As the world becomes increasingly digital, technology is advancing faster than ever before. GITEX2017 provided and unique glimpse into the future with forward thinking companies showcasing innovative technology that will shape the world and how we live. We cannot wait for what's to come!