Although it’s been 18 years since it was initially founded, Facebook remains one of the most dominant social media networks globally. The platform has approximately 2.89 billion active monthly users worldwide as of mid-2021. The company recently changed its name to Meta, although it still owns the Facebook platform as well as Instagram and WhatsApp.

Facebook is a ubiquitous social media network with a global presence, and it remains an essential communication tool for both individuals and businesses. The Facebook platform gives users many different ways to communicate and stay informed.

In addition to notifications through the Facebook website and mobile app, you can also opt to receive notifications from Facebook via SMS. Here’s everything you need to know about Facebook SMS notifications.

What types of notifications does Facebook offer via SMS?

There are many different types of Facebook notifications, and you can choose which ones you want to receive. If you only want the most important messages, you can opt only to receive notifications about things directly related to your account. This would include changes to your account settings or security threats.

If you want to receive more information, you can opt for Facebook’s “suggested” notifications option. This will give you notifications about activity on the platform that you might be interested in. With this option, you’ll get a wide variety of notifications - things like new posts from friends, events you might be interested in, activity in groups you’re a part of, and more. You’ll also be notified when someone likes, comments, or shares a post you make or when someone replies to a comment you made on Facebook.

In addition to the main Facebook platform, the Facebook Messenger app is also available. This app allows users to send text, photos, videos, and more and is a popular alternative to SMS messaging. Some phones will enable you to integrate your SMS text messages into Facebook Messenger so that you can see everything in one place.

How To Enable Facebook SMS Notifications

Facebook won’t automatically send you SMS notifications - you have to turn them on as part of your settings. Here are the steps to take to enable Facebook SMS notifications.

1. Connect your phone number to Facebook.

The first step is to make sure that your phone number and Facebook account are linked. You may have already done this when you initially set up your Facebook account. To check, go to the Account Settings page and go to the Mobile tab.

From there, you’ll be able to see if your phone is already connected or if you need to add it. You’ll be able to enter your phone number on this tab. Facebook will then send you a confirmation text message, which you will need to respond to in order to opt-in.

2. Choose your notification settings.

The next step is to select the SMS notification settings you would like. You will be able to choose the type of notifications you would like to receive in detail. In addition to selecting your SMS notifications, you can also select the types of browser notifications and email notifications you would like to receive. Additionally, you can select the time of day you would like to receive notifications and how many notifications you want to receive in a day.

3. Monitor your notifications.

Once you have adjusted these settings, you should start receiving notifications right away. If you decide you want to stop receiving text message notifications, you can text “STOP” to FBOOK (32665). You can also text this number if you ever need a one-time password to your account (OTP) or if you need further assistance with anything (HELP).

Why are Facebook SMS notifications helpful?

SMS notifications from Facebook are beneficial for users who want to receive all of their notifications in one place. If they are receiving important social media notifications via text message, they will only need to check their SMS app rather than having to log onto Facebook separately.

Additionally, SMS notifications often reach users faster than social media notifications. Even if the user has the Facebook app on their phone, they may have those notifications turned off or muted at various points of the day. SMS notifications will inform the user of any significant changes to their Facebook account, even when their notifications are turned off.

Many people use their Facebook account to sign in to other important applications. They also may need to use their Facebook account for work purposes. Having access to Facebook notifications via text ensures that these users won’t miss anything important during the day. SMS notifications can even help users catch security issues with their Facebook account.

As a business, Facebook is an excellent example of a platform that has used SMS notifications to improve the customer experience. They are very committed to offering many different types of notifications in order to reach customers in the way they prefer to communicate. This illustrates how effective SMS messages can be for businesses, especially companies that primarily engage with their customers online.

This also illustrates just how important it is for businesses to have a presence on Facebook. With so many Facebook users receiving SMS notifications and browser notifications, you can use your Facebook account to keep in touch with them.

Facebook SMS notifications are incredibly convenient, and many people don’t realize that they are an option. If you prefer to communicate via SMS, be sure to turn these notifications on to make sure you aren’t missing anything. If you’re a business and want to set up a notification strategy like the one Facebook uses, SMSGlobal is here to help! We offer various SMS services and integrations to help you stay in touch with your customers.