Island Flexi Transfer

SMS solutions for Island Flexi Transfer

We have always said that there’s nowhere the SMS can’t go and nothing it can’t do- and this has just been proven true once again.

Island Flexi Transfer is a small money transfer business that helps members of Tongan communities all over Australia send money to their friends and families in Tonga. The love and support shown by these families transcends distance and Island Flexi Transfer provides a system to make lending a hand and giving back to loved ones simple and easy.

However, the operation of this inspiring business is often hindered by a lack of reliable internet connection in many areas of Tonga, making sending vital information between Australia and Tonga via email an unfeasible option. Luckily, where internet connection is weak, mobile connection often holds strong, making use of our SMS Gateway the perfect method for communications between Tonga and Australia.

We admire the wonderful work of Island Flexi Transfer and are amazed, yet again, by the capabilities of the SMS Gateway.