SMS solutions for Dozzi

Looking for a good, unbiased financial advice company is like searching for a butterfly in a moth nest. Lucky for you, we’ve found the one that is beautifully different: Dozzi.

Unlike many of their competitors, Dozzi’s friendly advisors care about you, not just your ‘moolah’ - and that’s where they stand out. This butterfly of financial advice is totally independent, and having no ties to specific products, they’ll let you know what’s best for you - not what’s best for their bank accounts– and provide genuine advice, free of any hidden agendas.

Dozzi’s mind is in the real world, so it makes sense that their communication is too. Using an automated SMS system they are able to send meeting reminders to clients in a practical and convenient way, because a missed meeting is good for no one.

So, if you’re after some help making your millions, or you’d just like some obligation free financial literacy from well-educated and experienced advisors, get in touch.

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