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Reaching consumers on their mobile device

We live in the Twitter world, a land of 140-characters or less, where instant gratification is constantly sought, and attention spans are narrower than a strand of hair. To engage your customers on mobile in this hyper-restless society of ours can be tough.

To make your life easier, here are a few effective (and proven) ways to hook into your customers’ line of focus when getting your message out there.

1. Send Them an SMS

We’re an SMS company, so we’re obviously going to say that. But it’s true. Don’t believe it? Well, look at the facts. Did you know that SMS messages are read 99% of the time, and 97% are read within three minutes of receipt? That’s impressive.

Texts are also like tweets, in that they’re short, sharp, punchy (so they only take a second to read and digest), and typically contain a call-to-action link. If done properly, SMS marketing really is a great way to create rapport with your customers.

2. Utilising Mobile Applications

Customers are beginning to expect more from brands, especially in the mobile space. What does that mean for many businesses? A dedicated application. Beautiful application design can do wonders to engage you customers and build not just followers, but brand advocates.

More and more applications are delivering features and functions unseen on mobile devices before. Sporting and media outlets have been fast to jump on the band wagon, delivering applications that can immerse their fans and customers in a world of content in a way that can’t be achieved in a mobile browser.

Done correctly and if you have the right audience, utilising mobile applications could be a perfect fit for your business.

3. Mobile Responsive Web Design

It’s all swell and dandy having a perfect looking website. But if your site doesn’t translate well on mobile – you’ve got a problem.

Think about it. Imagine this.

Two friends are having coffee. One is telling the other about how great your (let’s say, online scarf shop) website is. The friend pulls out his phone and looks you up. What happens next? Uh-oh. He needs a magnifying glass just to see your logo. Not a good start.

If you want to engage your customers, make sure that the relationship is a smooth ride whenever, wherever, they’re trying to reach you.

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