Dynamic SMS methods to power up your bulk SMS campaigns

Text messaging has become the norm for most businesses, and for good reason. With a 98% open rate, you can count on your text message being read—and often in under three minutes, no less.

With such a high probability that recipients will read your text message, you need to make your content count.

Dynamic messaging is a marketing technique used to personalise content by utilising existing customer data. That means you can easily set up bulk SMS templates to include custom fields that pull unique contact information, such as their name, for personalisation.

Personalise brand messaging with an SMS platform

Target your audience and keep your business front-of-mind with bulk SMS templates tailored to individual customers. By providing value and personalised experiences, businesses have a higher chance of building meaningful and long-term relationships with customers. And, in turn, increase ongoing revenue.

Utilise dynamic content for customised messaging with a business SMS gateway. By pulling information from your contact database via an SMS API, you can personalise messaging and send customised campaigns to segmented contact lists.

Dynamic content can be applied to many SMS features:


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Dynamic SMS messaging with list segmentation and Merge Send

Send custom text messages with an online SMS provider, firing off programmed text templates at the perfect moment.

SMS automation and Merge Send are the key to your text marketing success when it comes to dynamic messaging. Schedule and stagger personalised campaigns, set up SMS keyword triggers, and address customers by name, all with a dedicated virtual number.

Merge Send and automated SMS

When you upload contact lists, properties may include contact first name, family name, email, etc. To personalise SMS content, you can use Merge Send to pull this information and use it in-text.

Assign tokens and custom fields within a message to add unique contact information like their local store. Ensure that the excel spreadsheet you use to upload your contact list is formatted correctly to ensure your Merge Send is accurate.

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For more dynamic content, you can integrate an API to pull a variety of data points and specific contact information from your authorised contact database.

You can also integrate SMS into existing platforms, like SMS for HubSpot CRM, to create advanced workflows and SMS automations. Or trigger text messages to send when contacts complete an action or a specific amount of time passes using SMSGlobal for Zapier.

Upload Send and contact list segmentation

Manage contact lists into groups for targeted messaging sent to specific customer segments. Similar to Merge Send, you'll need to ensure that your contact list is formatted correctly in the excel spreadsheet when uploading.

Simply select the contact list you wish to send to and upload the excel spreadsheet. Curate your message (this can also include Merge Fields for customisation), and then select the time to send. You can either send now or schedule the SMS to be sent at a later date and time.

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