Mommy Cat

SMS delivery notifications for Mommy Cat

Thanks to Mommy Cat, beautiful designer children’s wear is now within reach, no matter what your budget.

Tisha Lazaro, business creator and proprietor of this innovative online business, launched Mommy Cat only last week. SMSGlobal spoke to her about her first business venture.

“Mommy Cat was formed with designer tastes and shoe-string budgets in mind” says Tisha. “As a time-poor working mom, I found it difficult to find quality designer clothing for my daughter, Aiko. Clothing that is comfortable, stylish and affordable for fast growing children just seemed to be too far and few between . If it wasn't the predictable pink or blue, it was too expensive, let alone too precious for everyday wear. I wanted to change that mentality, and launching Mommy Cat via an online, mobile world allowed me to do just that”.

Tisha, an Advertising Art Director is no stranger to bringing things together that work. She successfully marries visuals and ideas and launches just in time for Christmas 2011.

When asked why now, she candidly speaks about wanting to spend more time with 4 year old, Aiko (Japanese for ‘the loved one’) and how online shopping has surpassed traditional means, allowing access to things only available to those with the time and means to travel and shop.

“I appreciate that the population has gone mobile, so my sales growth strategy needed to reflect that” says Tisha. “I’ll be using mobile messaging to further enhance the Mommy Cat experience and will be integrating SMS as part of the delivery, notification and provision of product information process. The implementation of a dedicated number will come next”.

“Quite simply, I like to be an advisory contact to my customers, no matter where they are in the world, and mobile messaging allows me to do that with an immediacy not found in any other form of communication”.

Now just to turn back the clock in time, so I can get into one of those lovely little designer frocks!