Natural Disaster

SMS solutions for emergency services

Cleaning up in the aftermath of fires, floodwaters and other water damage can be a nightmare scenario for those who have no idea where to begin. For restoration and disaster mitigation organization - Steamatic, cleaning up after a natural disaster has always been top of mind. Steamatic has been working with the insurance industry for over 25 years to help restore documents, furniture, buildings and electronics after the unfortunate event of a natural disaster.

Steamatic's motto 'delivering solutions, saving property...restoring lives!' is further emphasised by their desire to utilize innovative and effective technologies in their day to day business practices. For two years Steamatic has been using SMSGlobal for a combination of operational tasks, staff messaging and marketing messages. Most recently, Steamatic began using SMS as an essential component of their early warning notification strategy - an opt in alert system which sends an SMS alert when there is a storm or potentially threatening weather system in the client's area. Uday Jagasia, National ICT Manager for Steamatic explains;

"Our early warming notification system has given Steamatic a real competitive advantage in the market. We have seen a strong interest in the early warning alert system from both new and existing clients as it enables them (Insurers, loss adjusters, brokers) to be prepared and provide immediate assistance to their clients when they need it most."

Steamatic also plans to integrate SMS into their new website, automatically sending an SMS to their national duty manager when a customer sends an enquiry.