SMS nurturing customer relationships

SMS nurturing customer relationships

The immediacy and relevance brought to customers via their mobile handsets is one of the strongest ways to engage in meaningful communication with those you want to build closer relationships with.

The way to create a closer relationship with your customers is to communicate via a means that they appreciate. Like targeted mobile messages with topical headlines that hit all the right buttons with respect to content or offer.

Mobile phone users have their phone at reach an average of 14 hours a day* and according to a study held in 2010, more than four from five young adults sleep with their phone on or near their bed. Further, many expressed reluctance to ever turn their phones off.

Mobile has transformed us – the way we think, the way we do. Smart businesses know this. Smarter businesses are acting on this knowledge and integrating a customer centric, mobile strategy into their sales and marketing plans.

Consider the statistics surrounding mobile messaging, then using mobile methodology, consider the results.

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