SMS for logistics and Supply Chain Management - Click and Collect

Why SMS is essential to manage deliveries and logistics effectively

With the global economy in shambles, eCommerce has risen to the challenge of fulfilling consumer needs during the COVID-19 pandemic. By facilitating online purchases, payment confirmations and practical, cost-effective order delivery, eCommerce has enabled businesses to maintain relationships with their customer base.

But, without the efficient management of couriers and delivery operations, the whole eCommerce outfit would be a bust. This is where logistics and communication are joined at the hip. Enterprise SMS allows businesses to manage deliveries and logistics from end-to-end in the most efficient way possible.

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SMS for Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Effective communication at every stage of the supply chain is crucial for operations to run smoothly. Automated SMS messages can be triggered to send the appropriate recipient updates and alerts throughout the process.

Robust communication platforms that provide A2P messaging facilitate the complex logistics behind online retail. Ensuring the customer experience is as seamless as possible, automated Application-To-Person messaging keeps all parties up to date with the latest information.

Throughout the pandemic, many new policies have been enforced to ensure the safety of workers and customers alike. Retail and logistics have had to adapt, moving away from in-store sales and in-person consultations.

Solutions that have assisted retail and logistics during the global pandemic:

  • Online consultations and solutions
  • Live communication and customer support via digital channels
  • COVID-safe courier and delivery services
  • Click and Collect options

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The Basics: What is Click and Collect?

Traditional retailers have geared up their offerings with the option to Click and Collect, on top of other online services.

Accommodating for social distancing regulations and lockdown restrictions, many brick-and-mortar stores now provide the option to purchase items online and collect them in-store. This allows the customer to collect their order safely while also maintaining a relationship with the store in person.

It is also economical to Click and Collect as it mitigates the cost of delivery and gives the customer autonomy to pick up at their leisure.

How does Click and Collect work?

A quick run-through on how to purchase and pick up with Click and Collect:

  1. Navigate online options or call to check whether the store offers a Click and Collect option in your area.
  2. Select the item(s) you wish to purchase and check the availability:
    1. If the item is available at your local store, go to the next step.
    2. If the item isn't available at your local store, but it is available at another. In this case, the store may offer to transport the item to your local store for collection—select this option.
    3. If the item is not available at all, opt-in to be contacted when the item comes back in stock, usually with an email or a text message notification.
  3. Securely go through the payment process and select the Click and Collect option at check out.
  4. Once the order is confirmed, the store will contact you to let you know what happens next. When the order is ready to be collected, a timely SMS alert will update you on how to proceed.
  5. Collect the order!

Features that make Click and Collect a unique and favourable option:

  • Cost-effective - no postage or delivery costs
  • Timeliness - online stock levels and SMS alerts notify customers of availability with live updates
  • Maintain business relationships with walk-in customers - employees can provide optimal customer service while adhering to safety policies and social distancing
  • Personalised in-store experience - a combination of online and traditional retail for convenience and CX

How SMS enhances the Click and Collect experience

When it comes to prompt notifications for time-sensitive updates, SMS is hard to beat. Approximately 91% of adults have their smartphones within arm's reach at all times. Ensure order notifications, stock updates, and collection confirmations don't go unmissed with business SMS solutions.

  • Receive timely alerts in the palm of your hand, and stay on top of Supply Chain Management.
  • Have full visibility of operations and order status throughout the process.
  • Ensure customers are notified of the latest updates and order progress.
  • Track communications and delivery status of automated messages.

Cut through the noise of cluttered email inboxes and in-app notifications. SMS is the most direct and accessible form of communication when it comes to Click and Collect purchases, eCommerce, logistics, and supply chain management.