Holiday Sales SMS

Increase revenue using SMS over Christmas

The festive season is upon us, and for many this short period will be the most profitable of the year. In Australia alone, it’s estimated that roughly $17 billion dollars will be spent in preparation for Christmas, with an average of $1,000 being spent per adult… that’s a lot of full stockings under the tree!

For SMEs to large multi-national organisations, the Christmas period represents an amazing opportunity to capitalise on the billions of dollars that will circulate around the globe. Getting your brand into the minds of your customers, edging out your competition and letting your users know about timely marketing offers are all critical elements to your businesses success, and can be done… with the right strategy.

It’s now the season to start building your Christmas marketing efforts, and devising the right formula to bring in customers during the holiday season.

How can you maximize your holiday sales with SMS this Christmas?

Building Loyalty Programs

Customer loyalty programs that take advantage of SMS are seeing huge growth on offers and coupon redemptions.

We are seeing first-hand the impact that SMS is having for our customers, who are reporting an increase in uptake of 300% in their SMS marketing programs, when compared to other more 'traditional' marketing methods such as email and hard copy offers.

The reason is simple. A text message that pops up on a customers phone will gain their immediate attention, even more so if it’s a personalized text.

There's nothing more appealing than a special discount offer for a returning customer to make them feel good about your business, or an extra discount bonus offer for visiting a nearby location. It’s an easy way to show customers their importance and a great way to inspire loyalty.

Sales Promotions & Coupons

Looking to have a last minute sale this Christmas? What about a planned sales event this holiday season? Why not utilise the power of SMS in your marketing strategy.

With SMS your message gets read, instantly. SMS boasts a read rate of over 97%, in just a three minute period. No other marketing channel compares.

This means you can target your marketing efforts to your customers at any time during the busy holiday period, and feel confident your messages will be seen.

By cutting out junk mail filters and delivering direct to a customer's handset, your message is going to be heard, fast.

Building Customer Databases

SMS is always at work, even when you’re not. Build upon your current customer database by integrating SMS into your communications workflow.

To get your database ticking over, all you need to do is set up a dedicated long or short code, so customers can opt-in with their mobile number to receive offers and updates without any assistance.

Now you just need to advertise your number through your traditional methods, or look into running a new sales campaign offering a prize for entry, and you’re ready to get collecting.

After Sales Support

It's one of the most overlooked components of any sales funnel, but the importance surrounding after-sales support, especially during the Christmas period, is critical. You need to remember, the Christmas period is one of the highest for returns and refunds. Each year roughly 20% or 60 billion dollars worth of gifts are refunded or returned during the holiday period.

That's why it’s important for businesses to remember that the sales cycle doesn’t end at the counter, continuing to check in with clients throughout the after-sales process can help build ongoing relationships and allow you to capture repeat business or win additional referrals.

Why not send your customers a simple thank you message, wishing them a Merry Christmas and directing them to your support channel if they require any assistance during the holiday period?

Automating & Managing Staff Rostering

The Christmas period can be a chaotic time for any organisation, especially for businesses that need to roster on extra staff.

Sending a text message is the best way to connect with your staff in a timely manner, ensuring a speedy response.

You can use SMS to manage staff rosters, letting your casual staff members respond quickly to shift availability times, allowing you to plan ahead and ensure you have enough floor staff available to handle peak periods.