First National Real Estate

SMS in the real estate industry

Mobile messaging is becoming increasingly popular within the Real Estate Industry. A growing number of real estate businesses are using SMS and MMS solutions as cheaper and more efficient alternatives to communicate with renters, buyers and agents.

First National Real Estate use SMSGlobal to assist in delivering timely messaging solutions using their existing application suite and specially designed messaging portals. The real estate business has integrated SMS and MMS into Utopia, an e-marketing platform especially for the real estate industry allowing franchisees to send SMS and MMS Property Listings using intelligent CRM processes. The portal also integrates confirmation messaging and general communications, which in turn streamlines business processes.

The second solution involves the development of SMSGlobal's specially designed web portal for the purpose of sending payment reminders as well as other critical alerts and notifications. This in turn helps improve the collections process and business cash flow. First National Real Estate also utilise SMS as a staff communication tool. This is effective as it helps touch base with a large team of agents and property managers who spend a large amount of time on the road.

The real estate industry is a big advocate of mobile messaging, with additional applications of SMS and MMS including
Appointment Reminders - SMS can be sent to remind and alert clients of upcoming property viewings, rental inspections and auctions.
Application Updates - Notify clients of the progress of their applications for properties.
Property Look-up - A prospective buyer can request information about a property by sending an SMS. The buyer then has the property profile and agent details sent direct to their mobile phone.
Market Information - Information based on the property values in the surrounding area may be sent via SMS to local home owners or potential buyers.
New Property Listings - Inform potential buyers when a property of interest is listed via SMS or MMS.