Benefits of SMS

Using SMS software to grow your business

Have you fully discovered the benefits of SMS for your businesses?

The term marketing is one that can send even the calmest, most collected individual into a sweating frenzy. It’s a three-syllable word with no solid definition but is implicitly understood as being extremely important. Well, here’s a crazy idea. Marketing isn’t that scary, I know that sounds like a preposterous idea, but it’s true.

Marketing, when you boil it down to its gooey core, is rather literally about communication. It's about building relationships, refining ideas and helping businesses progress forwards towards their ultimate goal of success.

A business that communicates effectively with its customers, making sure they feel heard and valued, will create a solid relationship in which everybody comes out a winner, feeling good. A business that doesn’t listen to what its customers want and needs, a business that treats its customers like numbers, will find itself in an unpromising situation, in which both parties are left feeling frustrated.

That's why it’s vital that every business has at least one method of marketing that is relatively cost effective, simple to use and an option that’s guaranteed to set the right mood. An option that will allow them to 'plant the seeds' to a long, prosperous and healthy relationship where both parties are glad to be in contact with each other, communicating effectively, each and every time.

If you’re thinking, ‘Well what sort of marketing platform can serve that purpose?’ The answer is simple... SMS and here’s why.

Simple & Easy to Use

From a marketing point of view, SMS is simple and incredibly easy to use.

Our SMS messaging platform, for example, allows you to integrate SMS into your business via a CRM (or even from an API through your site), giving you the ability to send varying messages to different customers, or get the good word out there in bulk right from your CRM. Remember if it can send an email from it, then you can send an SMS, and that's going to save you a lot of time and money in the long run.

Think of it like this. SMS is a communications platform, allowing businesses to tailor short and sharp messages of content to hundreds of customers, all sent from the same platform and at the same time. Stop and think about that for a second. SMS is not an outdated piece of technology; it's the most efficient and effective way for your to reach your customers.


Compared to other marketing channels, SMS is an extremely affordable solution.

It doesn’t require a team of creative geniuses to develop ad copy, beautiful graphics or award winning ad videos. You won't need an entire team of staff members to plan and execute a simple campaign. Best of all, you can control how much you want to spend at any given time depending on your budget and message requirements.

From a business’s perspective, SMS is a great vehicle for communication that’s always going to be there, delivering your message to the right people when you need it. It will be reliable, effective, and ultimately help reach your customers when you need to.

It Works... Very Well

If SMS were a character in a rom-com film, it would be the lead, carrying flowers in one hand and a love note in the other.

It's that irresistible charmer to whom you can’t help but listen.

Boasting an incredible open-rates of 97% (90% of which are read within three minutes of being received) and engagement level up around the 40% mark, SMS is a vital communication tool for any business type. SMS has been so effective it actually makes other competing mediums like social media, phone calls, and emails look slow, sluggish and ineffective.

SMS is a trusted and intimate service that is, if used correctly, almost guaranteed to reach its target.

Customers Actually Prefer It

How many SMS messages do you receive that you don't engage with, or at least read? 75% of people actually say they would prefer businesses to communicate with them via SMS, receiving coupons, notifications and links to mobile optimised pages.

When you think about it, there's no wonder why.

Businesses who use SMS the right way can make their customers’ lives a lot easier and more organised with the simple click of a button.

Think appointment reminders and delivery updates, sales offers and discount coupons. Remember, communication is a two-way street where both parties need to be involved to benefit.

Reach Your Customers 24/7

People practically have their mobile devices on them 24/7; it's attached to their hips, which makes it easy to contact them at precisely the right time. As a result, it’s the perfect way to get time and location-sensitive information through to your customers.

Take an airline, for example, trying to contact its customers about information of a flight change or cancellation. Emailing them won’t work (unless you send them an SMS telling them to check their emails), because emails usually end up in a spam or promotions folder, and so will never see the light of day. Calling them is time-consuming and a waste of resources, especially considering you may have to call over 300 people at once.

What better way to communicate with your customers than via an SMS, the simplest most cost effective for of communications for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

The Benefits Of SMS For Your Business

The benefits of SMS for your businesses truly are extensive. As a communication tool SMS has the power to change the way your business engages with its customers, automating and improving a number of manual processes that businesses must complete daily.

If you'd like to learn more about the benefits of SMS, or how your businesses can grow with it, follow the link below to speak to one of our friendly Customer Care representatives who will be able to give you a tailored solution to suit your needs.