Mobile Engagement

How the mobile shift can help your business

The world of technology is changing. The evolution of the smartphone has certainly had a significant impact on a number of industries, products and services worldwide. The smartphone, for example, has been able to put significant pressure on devices such as the alarm clock, house phone, pager, walkman and well a number of other products and services globally, pushing them to the brink of extinction in its drive for market dominance. But there has been one product in particular that has managed to stand up against the smartphone, widely expected to never be taken down by the growth of mobile... until now.

The pressure has been mounting on the traditional desktop for years. Smartphone usage is significantly up, with 75% of individuals worldwide now using a mobile device, compared to the desktop which is considered to be almost obsolete outside of the workplace. As the technology behind the smartphone continues to grow, coupled with the evolution and innovation of tablets and laptops, the need for traditional bulky desktop devices is almost no more.

For marketers and organisations alike, attracting the attention of your target market is now more difficult than ever before. Emails don't have the same power as the once did, as users typically have to sort through endless spam just to view the message. Television and print ads are often costly and can tend to miss the mark as well. So what's the answer? The solution for many businesses has been mobile.

But how do you develop a strategy to capture the attention of your users? You need to exist in their world... a mobile world.

Below you will find our infographic, which focuses on the benefits of mobile engagement, specifically how the integration of a mobile marketing plan can help to promote consumer engagement for your organisation.

The benefits of mobile engagement [infographic]

Benefits of Mobile Engagement Infographic

If you are ready to take the plunge into the world of mobile marketing and want to learn more information, give us a call and talk to our team of specialists who will be able to advise you on how to get your strategy off the ground. The realm of mobile marketing is fresh, exciting and rapidly expanding; make sure you don’t get left behind in the digital dust.