Australia Mobile Marketing

The significance of mobile marketing in Australia

The expansion of technology has meant many things. Innovation, exploration and creativity for audiences all over the world, but many forget one of the fundamental benefits behind the expansion of technology - just how it has for so many years been the driving force behind communication and connectivity. The “digital world” has made it possible for people to connect, and now for marketers it's time to capitalise on that interaction by engaging with audiences through creative mobile marketing journeys.

Surprisingly for many, it's been Australian businesses and marketers who has been responsible for the innovative mobile marketing revolution, creating applications designed to push the boundaries of the digital world, improving and adding to the customer's journey and covering important user touch points along the way. So what's driving this revolution? Organisations and marketers are beginning to centralise their campaigns around mobile and seeing some great results along the way.

Like a builder reaches for his trusty hammer - his tool of choice, marketers are now reaching for their mobiles as their first tool of choice, tools to help create engaging communication pieces that leverage off varying innovative mediums, helping to drive organisations towards creating a positive and engaging experience for all.

Now the concept of a mobile-centric marketing strategy is one we have explored before. The new, exciting age of mobile is reshaping the way consumers interact with organisations, the way marketers promote and attract consumers and the way businesses connect with their customers. No matter the size or scope of your company, moving forward into a mobile world it's important that you stay ahead of the game by looking to integrate mobile into your marketing strategy.

A recent article over at Marketing Magazine provides a great assessment of the future of mobile marketing, focusing on Australia's role in the revolution of user experiences and the expansion of a moving mobile customer journey.

Are you exploring the impact of mobile marketing for your business?