Adobe Apps

Adobe following the mobile world

Inspiration can strike at any time. It can strike while you’re on the bus staring out the window; while you’re walking down the street, headphones in ears, listening to your favourite playlist; or during an episode of the Big Bang Theory you’re watching from your mobile on the toilet. Unfortunately, inspiration knows no convenience. Fortunately, Adobe apps make being inspired a little bit easier by creating a seamless creative field between their mobile and desktop software.

Today, mobile technology is almost as powerful as desktop technology. The two today serve much the same purpose. People can now rely quite heavily on their portable, pocket-size devices to translate bolts of inspiration into something tangible.

Adapting to the shift

Adobe is capitalising on this exponential wave of technological innovation by taking the programs they offer on mobile devices seriously. And we say that it’s about time.

Through the power of the Adobe Creative Cloud and Adobe apps, people are able to accomplish the tasks on a mobile that prior they would ordinarily only be capable of doing on a desktop.

One example is Adobe Shape, available to iPhone and iPad owners. Adobe Shape lets its users define vector shapes inside pre-existing images, sourced from either a phone’s gallery or a user’s Adobe Creative Cloud (or even shots that are snapped in the moment). These vector shapes can then be accessed from Adobe’s other mobile apps, or on a desktop computer via Illustrator.

Brush is another Adobe mobile app that forges a valuable segue between desktop and mobile. Brush, as the name suggests, allows users to create a custom-made brush out of anything that can be captured through an iPhone camera (sorry Android fans; Adobe seems to have a favourite child). Once you’ve created your brush, you can then start using it right away on Photoshop CC, Illustrator CC, and Photoshop Sketch.

But the mobile goodness doesn’t stop at Shape and Brush. Adobe offers a whole range of products for creatives on the go. If you’re interested, here’s a link to an exhaustive list of Adobe’s mobile range. Go and see what’s on offer.

Keeping it balanced... for now

Although the range of mobile apps isn’t a direct substitute for their desktop counterparts – as desktops and laptops still have that extra processing power and screen space necessary to fulfil many creative tasks – it’s certainly impressive. Adobe has understood the growing trend of businesses going mobile (Check Out: The Lawyer's Mobile Office) and is taking action.

By now, the big picture should be becoming clear to anyone even remotely interested in the way technology is moving forward. Which can be summed up in one word: mobile.

Mobile is the future. With a recent study showing that 80% of Internet consumers use their smartphone as their browser – the stats show it. Businesses like Adobe show it. Though the best proof of this trend – that the future is going mobile – is evident when you simply take a walk down the street and look around.

Smartphones are fast becoming our primary source of communication. Whether we like it or not, mobile technology is playing the biggest hand in landscaping the way humans live. And, taking Adobe’s lead, it’s time to embrace it.