7 Smartphone Hacks

Smartphone tips and tricks

It's safe to say that smartphones have changed our lives for the better, I mean a phone just isn't a phone anymore. They're now personal assistants, musicians, artists, banks, cinemas, teachers. Smartphones have evolved so much since their introduction into the market; now featuring amazing tools, state of the art programs and applications, all designed to make our lives a lot easier.... and boy they do a fantastic job at that.

At the start of 2015 it was estimated that there were roughly 7 billion people around the world, with 1.8 billion of those or roughly a quarter the world's population possessing a smartphone. That's some serious uptake. And that number is only expected to grow as more cost-friendly alternatives, greater connection speeds, and globally internet coverage, all contribute significantly to the adoption and growth of smartphone devices.

Smartphone Life Hacks

So I can hear what you're saying. You've heard it all before. The growth of mobile, the dependence on these devices in daily life. Tell us something we didn't know... well what about something a little different, what about a few life-hacks for your smartphone? Tips and tricks to help you get the most out of your mobile devices?

1. Just remember to close the lid!

Honestly, does anyone still use a torch anymore? The brightness on your smartphone screen should be enough to get you through most dimly lit situations. Then on top of that the brightness can be adjusted and manipulated to give you all you need.

On top of that, there's the flashlight option found on most modern smartphone devices, which provides a serious kick. But what about when you need that little bit of extra power? Or you just want to look cool in front of your friends?

All you will need is a bottle, water, and your smartphone. Simply fill the bottle up with water, place it bottom up over your LED light and hey presto, just like magic you have a fantastic torch, nightlight or cool party light.

2. Pump up the volume

Ok, I'm going to say it, I like to listen to music in the shower. I like to sing and dance to my heart's content. But the problem is that I can never hear the damn thing over all the noise.

But not to worry! I found a solution. All you will need to do is put your smartphone (speaker down) in an empty glass, bowl or any oval shaped household items to amplify the sound.

This is also perfect for listening to music in the office or sitting with your friend in a social environment when a speaker isn't within arms reach.

3. A television will do the trick

I was at a friends house recently and looked down at my phone. The battery life read 2% so I though it would probably be a good time to charge my phone. I asked him for a charger, and he came back with the cord... just the cord. "What do you expect me to do with this?" I asked, to which he explained that I could take the cable to the back of his television and plug it into the USB port. To my surprise, it actually worked.

My research into the topic though has revealed that not all mobile devices and televisions are capable of this, so your mileage may vary. You may be pleasantly surprised.

4. Keyword shortcuts are your friend

Probably one of the most frustrating things to do on a mobile device is typing your email address out. It seems to be a requirement that happens over and over and over again. But there's a quick and easy solution.

Create keyword shortcuts on your smartphone, a clever lifehack I came across recently which has saved me a world of headaches. All you will need to do is simply customise your phone settings.

If using an iPhone, go to Settings > General > Keywords > Shortcuts and create as many shortcuts as you need. You can also use these as a fun little tool to change people's keywords. But we can leave that for another day.

5. All aboard

Have you ever experienced the fear of rocking up to an airport - outside of your home country - moved up to the gates to check in, open your email or boarding pass app to show your boarding pass only for your internet connection to run out.

Now you're stuck with no hard copy and no way to showing the stewardess your boarding pass?

A handy tip is to screenshot your travel documentation before you leave. If you're traveling and relying on Internet connections to show your details, simply take a screenshot before you leave.

That way, if you lose service, you’ll have a record of your details. The same works with maps when traveling between countries or on long routes. It's a great way to ensure you don't get left in the dark.

6. Lost your phone. No problem!

How often do we lose our phones at home with absolutely no way of finding it. Grief stricken, we frantically look around our homes, checking every nook and cranny over and over.

Then, exhausted from searching, we decide to sit for a moment on the couch and feel a bump as we sit, realising that in fact the phone has been on us the whole time.

There are a variety of 'Smartphone finder' apps on the market today but one I have used before and had a lot of success with is the Clap to Find app.

My suggestion... download it... is will save you a lot of time, headaches, and laps of the house in the long run.

7. What can't airplane mode do?

I'll give you a scenario. You're sitting on the train, playing Candy Crush, having a great time and all of a sudden a damn ad pops up and ruins your fun, but there's a solution.

To stop this from happening, simply switch your smartphone to airplane mode. It will stop the games playing ads whilst also conserving battery. Airplane mode can also be beneficial when charging your phone.

Simply switch it on and start charging. It has been said that charging your phone whilst on Airplane mode can speed up charging time by almost 20%. What have you got to lose?

Got any other amazing smartphone life hacks to add to the list? Share them below!