SMS Coupons

The benefits of SMS coupons

It is predicted that there will be 50% more mobile coupon redemptions in 2013 than in 2012 (Juniper research)... So why are consumers embracing SMS coupons? And why should you be too? Here are our 4 reasons why SMS coupons should be an essential component of your mobile marketing strategy:

1. SMS coupons are easy

They’re easy to set up, they’re easy to send. Consumers do not need to cut out and store paper coupons in their wallet and people will always have their coupon on them.

2. SMS coupons are timely and relevant

Send a coupon when you need the business most. Send a coupon when you haven’t seen a customer for a while. Send a coupon when you want to say thank you to a VIP customer.

3. SMS coupons are cheap

SMS coupons are extremely cost effective and just a fraction of the cost of print ads.

4. SMS coupons are environmentally friendly

Cut the paper and the waste, SMS will not contribute to landfills.