With over 5 billion active mobile subscribers globally and a read rate of 90% in 15 minutes, SMS is the quickest and easiest way to get the message out to a large group of people in a short time frame.


No matter how big or small, we offer a number of easy ways to send your SMS campaigns – send via our web messaging platform, your email client, Microsoft Outlook or one of our many API’s. Read more below to find out which is most suitable for your requirements.





Web SMS allows you to send SMS from your computer using our web messaging platform. Our platform is packed with plenty of features to help you create even the most complex SMS campaigns.

✔ Is the quickest and easiest way to get started sending SMS messages
✔ Allows you to send SMS from any PC, Mac or Tablet with internet connectivity
✔ Requires no downloads or installations
✔ Requires no complex integration
✔ Has no expensive development costs


Read more about Web SMS or our Web Messaging Platform.



MXT SMS Messaging SMSGlobal








2 Way SMS

2 Way SMS allows you to send and receive SMS with your audience in real time. 2 Way SMS allows you to create the most engaging SMS Campaigns.

✔ Communicate to and from your contacts
✔ Automate your replies based on keywords
✔ Create engaging competitions & promotions
✔ Automate appointment confirmations


Read more about 2 Way SMS.




Email to SMS

Send SMS from your email client. No integration required, just simply type and send.

✔ Send SMS directly from your email client or business application
✔ No logging in required
✔ Receive replies straight to your email inbox


Read more about Email to SMS.

Email to SMS


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Outlook SMS

Outlook SMS

Integrate SMS functionality into Microsoft Outlook using the native Outlook Messaging Service (OMS) integration option.

✔ No software installation required
✔ Configure your Outlook in minutes
✔ Full Outlook functionality
✔ Use Microsoft Outlook speller and proofing tools


Read more about Outlook SMS.








Integrate SMS functionality into your business application or website using one of our advanced APIs.

The current available interfaces include

  • REST
  • SMPP
  • HTTP
  • SOAP
  • SMTP (Email) and FTP
  • MM7
  • Web Services

Use our API SMS solutions to

✔ Build, integrate & develop
✔ Create custom SMS solutions
✔ Send SMS as you want, when you want


Read more about API SMS or view our API Documentation.



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