This document provides a reference for all features available to you via the SOAP Web Service for sending SMS. The SOAP-API allows you to integrate your Client Application (Client) to SMSGlobal (Vendor) using the SOAP protocol. SOAP exchanges XML based messages over HTTP(S).



  •  Independent platform communication (Interoperability)
  •  Standard XML format
  •  Check account balance
  •  Interact with Phonebook programmatically
  •  24/7 support via our support system


Sending SMS


An initial call to the method apiValidateLogin must be made prior to calling any other method. The apiValidateLogin method will accept both your SMSGlobal username and password as parameters. Upon response, it will return an authenticated token.

This token will need to be passed into subsequent method calls to verify authorisation. The ticket remains valid as long as the request is made from the initial IP that invoked the method to obtain the ticket.



Refer to SOAP API URL or WSDL for further documentation.



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